Good education is not to teach children to be first, but to awaken their inner seeds

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When I was a child, I was poor in reading. I took the scarlet letter test, but I could not get 60 points.One year exam, I finally more than 60 points, very happy to take home to dad.My father was eating. He put down his bowl and laughed.Brother and sister very strange, test so bad also laugh.”I’ve been looking for a successor for years, and now I’ve found one,” dad said.I listen to, broken!Father is a farmer, up three generations are farmers, I do not want to be a farmer, so later on to study hard.I find that Chinese parents care a lot about grades and want their children to get the first place in exams.In fact, the world’s elite are not the top students of the past, they rank from 7th to 17th in the class.The reason is that these kids have better interpersonal relationships, can be friends with the number one or the number one, and they have less stress, easier life, and are the most creative.If your child is the first, let him not work so hard and easily get 7th to 17th.If your child is in the bottom half, try to make it into the top 17.Why no. 17?That was the secret of my own success — there were only 17 people in my class when I was a kid.When I was in high school, a teacher invited me home for dinner. We ate dumplings. I was so happy.By the time the dumplings were on the table, I was in tears.The teacher said something that moved me even more. He said, “I have been teaching for 50 years, and I promise you with my life that you will succeed in the future.”A: wow!I was more moved, tears fell on the dumplings.No one ever knew me, promised me with their lives.Two weeks later, my hopes were dashed when every member of my class went to his house to eat dumplings.He promised every student his life.03 take an examination of the results of the university also does not represent what wait for me to take an examination of the university, the first year did not take an examination of, the second year did not take an examination of, the third year finally took an examination of.The college admission score was 361, and I took 361.5. When I got home, I wrote “Congratulations to Lin Qingxuan” on a red paper and stuck it on the front door.When I got to college, I wondered who was lucky to get 361.After some investigation, I found it was Zhang Yi.Later he became the boss of “glass Workshop” company, a fortune 500 enterprise in the world.So, maybe your child’s grades are not outstanding, not that good, but don’t give up;Because every child in the world is different, just like planting plants, like bamboo shoots and bananas on hillsides, watermelon and cantaloupe on sand, and taro on mud. Different plants are suitable for different lands, and there is not only one look.The sadness of the world is that it’s a big problem to put all the different kids together in one school, hoping to be educated alike.Good children are awakened inner seeds to teach children according to the characteristics of children, is to awaken the seeds of children’s hearts.Good children are those who have awakened their inner seed; they know themselves;The bad boy has not awakened the seed, has not known himself, and still lives in a muddle.I was the one who woke up the inner seed, determined to be a writer since the third grade;I started to write 500 words a day in primary school, 1000 words in middle school, 2000 words in high school, and 3000 words in college. I have been sticking to it and have published 131 books now.There are many important things in life, in addition to study, children should master the ability of these aspects: 1.The ability to face setbacks in addition to reading, labor can also exercise this ability.2. The ability to love my students have done an experiment, go home to hold their loved one, 100 catties are able to hold up also turn a circle, hold 100 catties of stone certainly not.Face relatives and friends with full love, can better face life.The Ability to Recognize the Multiple Values of Life THERE was a student in Taiwan whose father was a pineapple farmer. In order to judge the sweetness of pineapples, he knocked them three times on each fruit. After a few years, his fingers became swollen when he knocked on each fruit.Feeling sorry for his father, the student invented a machine that could judge the sweetness of a pineapple by tapping it three times. It won a Gold medal at the British Invention Awards.Children do not necessarily have good grades, to see his understanding of life.Nowadays, many children go to study abroad. Their parents say it is to cultivate their world outlook.That’s a good idea.Only by realizing the vastness of the world can we realize our own insignificance, weaken our own pain and tolerate the world.5. The Ability to express your feelings and thoughts Children learn to understand themselves and then learn to express themselves, especially if they are introverted and closed.There is a boy like a girl, want to ask her, the results close to the girl nervous, red face scared away.I often teach people a “Lin Qingxuan five Characters great Bright mantra” : “We are all human beings”.Boys who dare not chase girls can silently read “we are all people”, see people in positions of power dare not speak also read “we are all people”.In this way, we overcome our inner tension and are not afraid to express ourselves.When my eldest son went to college, I gave him a gift bag with four words in it: be ambitious, firm, empty and gentle.All a successful person needs is a big wish, a strong will, a modest attitude and a gentle temperament.# This is home schooling