“If there is a chance, I will not let my son take the postgraduate entrance examination,” the mother said in her heart, making people think deeply

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Every year, for the sake of better job opportunities in the future, most of them will choose to continue their study.Nowadays, the number of undergraduate students has greatly increased compared with that of our fathers’ time, and undergraduate students are no longer so scarce.Therefore, in order to gain more competitive advantages, many students choose to continue their studies.With the number of postgraduate students increasing year by year, the competition of postgraduate examination is becoming more and more fierce.”If there is a chance, I will not let my son take the postgraduate entrance exam”, the mother said in her heart, which makes people think. Secondly, ordinary undergraduate students lack advantages in taking the postgraduate entrance exam.This is because everyone’s postgraduate entrance examination target is often famous universities, and ordinary undergraduate competition students, a considerable number of people are famous undergraduate.In addition, the learning atmosphere of ordinary undergraduate students is worse than that of students from famous universities, and it is very difficult for ordinary undergraduate students to compete for postgraduate places.To be admitted to graduate school should have been a very supportive thing.However, there have been some negative phenomena recently.Some undergraduates, fearful of entering the stressful job market, lie to their parents and say they are preparing for postgraduate exams.Parents also don’t think much of their children as “motivated”.Now, last year’s postgraduate examination has come to an end.Some students are looking forward to the results.There are also some students who enter the phase of muddled escape, not wanting to face the consequences of failure, and not preparing for employment.Zhang Wei is a student who took the postgraduate exam. Last year was the second time he took the exam.He had been devastated by his last failure and was pinning all his hopes on the result this time.After all, two years of my precious youth would have been wasted if I had not been successfully admitted to graduate school again.Zhang Wei studies in an ordinary university.During his college years, Zhang Wei often signed up for various student departments and practiced his abilities in various specific student jobs.However, due to the large number of college students, the job market is not enough to satisfy the unfavorable environment of more monks.Zhang Wei, who is about to graduate, has not received a satisfactory offer.Against such a background, Zhang wei chose to pursue postgraduate study instead of facing the pressure of the job market.Zhang Wei’s mother heard from friends around her that she could earn several times more than undergraduate students if she was admitted to graduate school.Therefore, when Zhang Wei proposed the decision of postgraduate study, his mother did not think too much and agreed to zhang Wei’s idea.Zhang Wei’s mother is very fond of her son.When Zhang Wei hit a wall in World War I, his mother did not blame zhang Wei, but actively encouraged her son to fight World War II.However, the result of Zhang wei’s second attempt to take the postgraduate exam was not ideal either.Zhang Wei’s mother gradually realized that Zhang Wei wanted to be admitted to graduate school, which seemed to be “aspirant”, but actually “evaded”.Zhang wei wants to stay in the “hotbed” of school and family, not face the ups and downs of society alone.Therefore, Zhang wei followed the trend and embarked on his own path to graduate school.”Once again, I want my son to get a job.”Zhang Wei’s mother was very regretful.Editor’s note: The current job market is tough, with 13 million workers in short supply.Students study hard for exams, thinking they can find a satisfying job once they get through college, but today the job market is tough.Some graduates cannot bear such employment pressure, so they want to stay in the “hotbed” of family and school while getting support from their parents by taking the postgraduate entrance examination.Some students even become “professional running companions”. If you can’t do it once, do it again!Postgraduate entrance examination is not the ultimate goal, no matter graduate or undergraduate graduates, we are finally to enter the society, enter the job market.When we constantly hone their willpower, increase their knowledge and ability, also can gradually, success in society.That’s what parents really want to see.College is just a stage of our life, in different stages, we need to complete different tasks.As a Chinese saying goes, “Flowers bloom and fall.Congratulations to all of you who have successfully completed this period of your undergraduate life.We have read “journey to the West”, tang seng’s firm, Sun Wukong’s brave, sand monk’s steady, pig eight quit’s smooth, master and apprentice five people experience ninety-nine eighty-one difficult to obtain the truth.Our life is the same, in the acquisition of “true” on the road, we need to have a firm, brave, prudent and thoughtful ability.We have these weapons, all the way to kill monsters, will eventually go to the distance of our hearts.As for the postgraduate entrance exam, I hope students can first ask themselves, “What do I really want to achieve through this exam?” when making this decision.In addition, parents should also do a good job of advising their children, rational analysis of their children’s situation, put forward pertinent suggestions.Finally, I wish everyone can ride the wind and waves in life. Conclusion: Today’s discussion: What do you think about the phenomenon of “running with professional”?