Most investors know the “three gold forks” but it’s not enough in the stock market. Read it over and over again

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What is a three-wire gold fork?The three-wire gold fork refers to the mean price line, the mean price line and MACD.The three men signaled a golden cross.A golden cross from three players at the same time is a very strong buy signal.In technical analysis, three of the four elements of “price, volume, time and space” send out buy signals, which greatly improves the probability of accuracy of research judgment.Once you have a three-line gold fork, you can enjoy the opportunity to pull up quickly when you buy.After the golden cross, the moving average must diverge upward at the same time, showing a long alignment.The moving golden cross indicates that the average cost of holding a position in the market is moving towards long positions. As the profit effect of long positions increases, more otc funds will be attracted to the market.The 2nd and 5th moving average crosses the 10th moving average from bottom to top, and the trading volume is obviously amplified.The golden cross of the moving average indicates that new money keeps coming in from outside the market.MACD passes through the gold fork near the zero axis and DEA on the DIF line.MACD above the zero axis indicates a bullish market.The best position to build a stable stock price, shrinking volume.On bear market, everybody looks bad hind city, once have stock price stability, quantity also is narrowing, can build storehouse.Bottom volume surge, stock prices long red.Dish long will move, the main suction full chip, with the general trend a little force to pull up, investors will intervene, in this volume breakthrough means that there will be a period of surge, the first batch of huge long red should be bold.Shares fell to the support line did not wear and rise for the time to build positions.When the stock price falls to the support line (average channel line, tangent line, etc.) stop the fall and stabilize, it means that the stock price has been effectively supported.The bottom of the apparent breakthrough when the warehouse.When the stock price is in the low zone, the right shoulder of the head and shoulder bottom pattern is completed, and the stock price breaks through the short term is the low level, and the W bottom is the same.But when the stock price soared after the relative high, is the appearance of W bottom or head and shoulder bottom form, also less intervention is better, when the arc bottom formed a 10% breakthrough for the location.Weeks KDJ>Above 50, daily;Over 60 but not.When the J-line moves above 50 after the 90-week KDJ low gold fork, it indicates that the mid-term trend is bullish, while the J-line of daily KDJ moves above 60 and below 90, it indicates that the short-term trend is also upward, which is often the rising point of the wave point.A foot sets the universe when some stock passes a period of time after the small shade falls, suddenly appear to accelerate to drop, and in a certain day receive a jump empty downward and contain the shade line, accompany turnover to enlarge obviously, explain stage bottom already appeared namely, aftermarket is bullish.The unit from the high down after the first small drop, then accelerated down, and finally jump empty volume down with the shadow of the Yin line.The bottom is basically clear.So, in the following 5 days if the rise reached 3-5% of the positive line, it is the best time to buy, the market will rise.The longer the lower line, the greater the amount, the greater the increase after seeing the bottom.The stock price has fallen for more than three consecutive trading days, the decline is constantly shrinking, and the volume has shrunk to the extreme, if the volume suddenly magnifies and the stock price rises, it shows that the main force is actively building positions, at this time the new shareholders should seize the opportunity and actively follow up.Share price continuous decline, and volume atrophy to the extreme.Subsequently the stock price rose suddenly, and released a lot of, which shows that the main force has noticed the unit, and has begun to enter the market.If the new shareholders can actively follow up at this time, can eat a wave of profit after the market is larger up market.On February 9, 2015, the lowest price of the stock was only 39.33 yuan. After the main push up, its stock price peaked at 109.68 yuan on April 14, with an increase of 178.87% during the period.Share price in the relatively low technical support + mid-term (15 to 180 days) heavy positive release of share price in the low is a necessary condition for the layout of the line mark, the stock price can not be high, especially can not buy the weak market in the contrarian strong high stocks do midline holding, to prevent strong stocks fill.The best in the early intensive transaction area near the important support, no break down risk.Medium line of catalyst should be in 2 to 6 months of large probability can release, stage news release earlier, the share price will rise in advance., for example, on November 5, 2018 China import expo will be held in Shanghai, this is the last major league in 2018 foreign activities, higher-ups will attend the opening ceremony, good exposition stocks, the stocks on September 17, spread the Lord lift up, nine sessions, a rise of nearly 30% if approach line layout, two months in advance to buck the trend for a big rally.On the line on the line is to point to in front of a Yin line entity in the opening, the day on the Yang line, and the closing price and the highest price are higher than the opening price and the highest price of a big Yin line, showing an obvious amount of reverse trend, some books will be called this K line form “rising sun east rise”.Chunguang share price fell quickly, in the low end of the large and medium Yin line, the next day was long to resist, the stock price low open high, against a changyang line.This positive line closing price at least in front of a negative line near the central value, if the third day to continue to close the positive, generally indicates the start of the rebound.In order to ensure safety, investors had better wait for the third root to consider the sun to enter the market.The right trading philosophy must be rational.What is rationality?Reason stands for holiness.You can’t think of it as a crazy gamble.Trading targets are consolidating.When you buy it, you bet that it will go up.In fact, after consolidation, the breakthrough time to buy better.Who knows what tomorrow will bring?If you choose to consolidate and go downhill, won’t you get stuck?The only thing that is not in the market is the trend.Simply identify current trends and trade strictly on them.It makes sense that trading is about doing simple things over and over again.In the long run, to be successful, there must be a simple trading system, and success depends on our unswerving adherence to that system.Do it when you should, and don’t do it when you shouldn’t.Don’t always think you’re smarter than the market.In terms of trading systems, this is to some extent “doing nothing”.In fact, doing nothing is often better than doing something.The best results can be achieved only when one is relaxed.Any slackness or impatience in the mind will bring bad results.The so-called best state of mind is calm, clear thinking, not impetuous, not blindly follow, relax, do your best, focus on what you should do, do not focus on the imagined results.And then there is a decision, and then it can be quiet, and then it can be resolved, and then it can be resolved, and then it can be resolved, and then it can be realized after consideration.Want to know more wonderful content, pay attention to dish person quickly