Song Jia asked Lei Jiayin: Do you say hello to Yu Zhen when you meet Him?Lei Jiayin replied with laughter

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It is known to all that The World, starring Lei Jiayin, Song Jia, Yin Tao and Yu Zhen, is the most must-see national drama this spring.In the updated episode, we see Robbin preparing to take Zheng Juan away in order to get back to Nannan, who is arrested shortly after hurting Robbin.Nan nan found Robben and hoped that he would not pursue Zhou Bingkun’s responsibility.It can be said that it caused a strong response from countless old and young audiences!Yu Zhen’s luo Shibin appeared for the first time and won everyone’s attention.Dressed in a suit, white shirt and tie, at first glance, he was the cutting edge of his time.In terms of acting, Yu Zhen and Lei Jiayin play Zhou Bingkun in many scenes.The two capable actors were having fun on the same stage.Sure, Rothbin was really unlikable, but aftershocks did a great job because they could be played so hateful.Recently, Song Jia took part in an activity.In an interview, she said: Rothbin is like an undercurrent in the World, a sword hanging over the Chows’ head.Whenever zhou’s family is happy together, he comes out to stir.Yesterday, when Lei Jiayin was chasing the play, he said in the group that he was so angry that he wanted to smash the computer.Arguably, Aftershock is quite a contrast to the previous characters, but you can’t dance when you see it, which makes you firmly believe aftershock is Rothbin, hahaha!Then, Song Jia jokingly said: I also asked Lei Jiayin, so angry, if you now in the street when you meet Rothbin aftershock will you say hello?In this respect, everyone is gossip, song Jia said: Lei Jiayin said that Zhou Bingkun Luo Shibin is like this ah, the characters in the play are written like this, they should greet greet, maybe greet always invite me to eat, ha ha ha!It is said that there are 1000 Harry Potters in 1000 eyes.Perhaps there is an aftershock in the heart of every regular TV viewer.With such luxurious configuration and the king of comedy in 2022, Xiaobian is willing to advance the world.What do you think of this?