The first and the empty period of time in “Qimen Dun Armor”

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Fellow friends everybody is good, very happy to meet with you again, “declared that” all the knowledge about the special dun armour, is I can understand the knowledge of the study, if there is poorly written, or and you know, I hope you don’t mind, I’m just in the learning phase, hope learning high teacher in the comments and corrections,Thank you!In the last article, WE talked about the second step of the game in Kimen Dun Armor.I don’t know how many of you understand that?But do not understand it does not matter, because “the special dun armour” is itself a more esoteric subject, and I also is in the learning state, and can’t complete understand, I just put my own understanding with all of you to send to the article, if you want to continue to study the special dun armour, suggest you buy a book about the “special dun armour” according to the content of the book to the memory,This effect is not bad.The proposal everybody buys legitimate edition “strange door dun armour detail explanation” this book, contained inside “strange door dun armour” the formula that place applies in.You’ll see, it’s a particularly applicable book.Ok, no more words, next, continue to talk with you about the third step in the “Strange Men dun Armor” : find the first ten days and ten days of the sky.If we want to find the beginning of the day and the end of the day, the first thing we need to know is which hour we need to find.In the final article, we have found wushi the time was nonwushi, so we found Nonwushi and Wushi.So how do you find it?At this point, we use sixty pieces.We this game, Wushi Renwushi which wushi was wushi?It’s Jia-yin.What is the sky?Ten days empty is son ugly.This has been reflected in the picture of the article, here, we do not elaborate too much, we can look at the picture.Ok, little friends, today and everyone to talk about “Qimen Dun Armor” little knowledge here, the next article continue to talk with you about value symbol and value make, we continue to pay attention to it!