These three behaviors will no longer belong to drunk driving, we must remember

2022-06-03 0 By

“Drink, don’t drive, don’t drink while driving,” is a sign believed to be shared in public across the country.According to statistics, the number of deaths caused by drunk driving in China has reached 10,000 every year.That is to say, every day, 3 people die because of drunk driving, and 10,000 families lose their loved ones because of drunk driving.In recent years, the relevant departments of Our country have strictly investigated the behavior of drunk driving, and given severe sanctions to the drunk driving personnel. The serious ones are sentenced directly and cannot drive the motor vehicle for life, and the light ones are detained and revoked with a fine.Most people support and welcome the punishment.Starting in 2022: Three conditions no longer qualify for drunk driving:When the owner after drinking, drivers can distinguish independent ability, vehicles parked in a certain field, for some special cases must be away the vehicle, in this time, if the driver is drinking, but the ability can move under the condition of the vehicle, the premise is need someone around to give command and help to move the vehicle,However, it is not allowed to move vehicles to crowded areas and complex traffic areas, so people must remember.The second: in emergency, drinking personnel can drive vehicles, the premise is not drunk driving.When a friend or family member is in an emergency, there is no one around to drive, only people who are drinking will drive, and ambulances cannot reach the injured person.In this case, the drinker can drive at low speed to lead the patient to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. In this case, the person concerned needs to dial 110 to register and report, so that he will not be convicted of drunk driving.Third: when the driver needs to rest in the car after drinking, many owners like to rest in the car after drinking. It will be very hot in summer and want to blow air conditioning in the car, and it will be cold in winter and want to stay warm in the car.In this way, some drivers like to start the vehicle and use air conditioning in the car. This situation does not belong to drunk driving motor vehicles.Because this kind of demand belongs to the human nature behavior, belongs to the human instinct demand.The above three behaviors have a premise, that is, can not happen under the condition of drunkenness, because people are not self-protection and self-control ability under the condition of drunkenness, so friends must bear in mind.In the later life, we must remember the common sense of “drink not drive, drive not drink”.Because only you can control yourself, if you need to drink, you are advised to take a taxi home or find a professional driver to help drive the car.That’s the safest behavior, and that’s what we need to promote.What do you think about the standard of behavior for drunk driving?You can comment together.Thank you for your attention and forwarding, let more people know.