We will strive to upgrade the business environment

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To win the overall battle to improve the business environment and purify the political ecology, we must focus on key tasks, increase the degree of overcoming obstacles, and strive to build an upgraded business environment.At present, Inner Mongolia has made initial and tentative progress in building a business environment, but the foundation is not solid and the progress is uneven. The real battle and hard bones still lie ahead.Across all departments to work together, and, according to the autonomous region to optimize the business environment action plan version 3.0 of the deployment and requirements, fully implementing “do” free net phone, comprehensive optimization of investment environment, strengthen the lifecycle service market main body, comprehensively strengthen the effective supervision, comprehensive build under the rule of law to do business, be sure to get people’s satisfaction, to withstand the test of practice.We should further strengthen organizational leadership, energetically carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, and ensure and promote the consolidation and expansion of achievements in the overall battle to improve the business environment and purify the political ecosystem.To promote “service upgrading”, we need to make sustained and precise efforts.The government environment is a barometer and barometer of the business environment. We need to ensure that all sectors and links of the business environment are under the leadership of the network, and help accelerate the improvement of the business environment.Project approvals fast fast fast fast, construction is one of the important factors influenced the stability of the investment and economic growth, to improve the efficiency of project examination and approval, as the key to strengthen project on service, active service, deepen the reform of the engineering construction project for examination and approval system, to accelerate investment approval “free net phone”, to improve investment construction convenience degree.We need to focus on providing enterprise-related services through the Internet and by providing them with universal access. We need to comprehensively advance technological, business, and service reforms, and speed up the establishment and improvement of an efficient, convenient, high-quality, and universally beneficial life-cycle service system for market entities, so that more market entities can be born, grow up, and live a happy life.To improve the business environment, we must both delegate power and exercise supervision.We will strengthen oversight responsibilities, close oversight loopholes, and improve open, transparent, simple, and easy to operate regulatory rules and standards to ensure that oversight is both pervasive and intrusive.Strengthen credit supervision, build an integrated online supervision platform, accelerate the formation of a “unified network management” pattern, improve the level of comprehensive supervision and “intelligent supervision”, and realize the whole online supervision of law enforcement.The rule of law is the best business environment. We need to strengthen the building of a law-based government, make full use of IT and big data technologies to improve the way law enforcement and justice are implemented, improve the quality and efficiency of handling cases, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of businesses and entrepreneurs.Spring as the first year, all behavior first.Improving the business environment is a systematic and profound self-reform.Departments at all levels should earnestly shoulder the important political responsibility, courage to face up to problem and the blade to consciously, promote business environment iterative upgrade continuously, make truly become the “fertile soil” of enterprise development in Inner Mongolia, “magnetic field” elements gathered, invest in the “treasure”, for high quality development can have intellectual force, gathering the potential fu.Source: Inner Mongolia Daily