Women’s soccer training ground!This treasure county is worth punching in

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The official account of China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. provides railway travel information, passenger and freight knowledge, ticket distribution, train time query service.On the evening of February 6th, with the final whistle, Chinese women’s football team set a new record and became the “ninth champion of Asian Cup”, which left an unforgettable and classic “Chinese red” for fans and audiences all over the country.In August and September last year, the girls of the women’s football team had more than 20 days of closed training at the Yingpan football training base in Liuba County.Now the return of women’s soccer to the top in Asia has added a touch of mystery to Liuba county.Liuba county is located in the hinterland of the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains, north of Hanzhong City.The territory of steep mountains, large vertical height difference, complex landform, changeable climate, unique geographical location and climate characteristics, breeding rich natural resources, known as “natural oxygen bar” “green treasure house” reputation.Yingpan Football Training base, located in Yingpan Village, Liuhou Town, Liuba County, has 4 natural lawns and 3 artificial turf standard football fields and supporting facilities, which can meet the requirements of more than 500 players for all-weather training. It is a sports and tourism training base integrating the functions of health preservation, leisure vacation, ecological sightseeing and sports.Here’s the thing. How do WE get to the dam?Xi ‘an and Chengdu directions can reach Hanzhong Station by high-speed rail, Yangpingguan and Ankang directions can reach Hanzhong Station by fuxing motor bus, pu speed bus.After getting off the train, you can arrive at the tourist distribution center on the east side of the station house of Hanzhong Railway Station by traveling through train.Besides the Yingpan football training base, liuba, a small county with treasures, has a lot to check out.Zibai Mountain National Forest Park zibai Mountain is a branch of taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains. It is between 1300-2600 meters above sea level.The mountains are rolling, beautiful scenery, there are hot spring waterfalls, as well as a large area of primitive forest, Purple Bai Shan unique tiankeng and the grass on the top of the mountain, known as Asia’s first tan community, people often say, “Huangshan return don’t see the mountain, Jiuzhai return don’t see the water, purple Bai return don’t see the grass”.Address: Stone Shop, Liuhou Town, Liuba County Ticket reference price: 35 yuan/person Zhangliang Temple Zhangliang Temple is backed by Zibai Mountain, beside the mountain and the water, simple and elegant.According to legend, Zhang Liang, one of the “three heroes of the Han Dynasty”, retired from the current bravely after assisting Liu Bang to achieve the empire, and lived in seclusion here under the name of “The Valley”.Posterity admires his strategy of “keeping oneself wise” and the high wind of “success does not reside”, and builds a temple here.Because he once conferred “stay hou”, so the name “stay hou Temple”, commonly known as “Zhang Liang Temple”.Zibai Mountain International Ski Resort is adjacent to Zibai Mountain National Forest Park, covers an area of 2000 mu, and can accommodate 4000-6000 people at the same time.There are primary ski area, training ground, intermediate slide, advanced slide (under construction), snow circle area, snowmobile area, hippie snow area.Carry out snowboard skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, snow circle, snow pan, sleigh, free play snow and other snow sports entertainment projects.Address: Liuba County Liuhou Town Yingpan Village Hongshuihe bank ticket reference price: 128 yuan Liuba Old Street came to Liuba, in addition to the above several scenic spots, the county’s old street is also worth a stroll.Liuba Street is 750 meters long and made of long slabs of stone.Along the gurgling water flowing along the street, one after another characteristic snack bar, ingenious book bar and inn, as well as along the street set up farm tools, a variety of small landscape and inscribed on the wall of folk songs, strong Qinba style is coming.Address: Liuba county ticket reference price: free open spring outing summer summer summer autumn enjoy autumn winter days skiing all the year round Liuba you heart?Pick up your phone and book your tickets. Pick up this guide and take your loved one with you.CCTV focus on haoji Railway ten thousand tons of large train to ensure north coal transport to the south!Peak return!2022 Spring Festival transportation Yellow River “bridge keeper” guarantee coal transport channel for 24 years!Li Tao, Zhang Ying, Hong Chen Yan, Li Fan