Provincial departments visited the family of comrade Da Deming who died in the line of duty

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February 11, vice chairman of the provincial federation of trade unions, a level of inspector Wang Qi, public security department party committee member, deputy director Wang Hucheng, provincial organs of trade union working committee director Zhang Pengwei condolence group, to carry out a warm visit to the public security organs in our province.Successively visit condolences to xining city public security bureau police station disability police HongWei city east branch of the railway station square, necessary Zhu Yizheng families, the public security bureau sacrifice in police public security traffic police corps died on auxiliary police deming’s family, give them the national federation of trade unions, provincial government and the bureau party committee’s concern greetings, and send them bonus.Public Security Department traffic police corps, Xining City public Security Bureau responsible for comrade accompanying condolences.Everywhere they went, the group inquired about the physical condition and family life of the disabled policemen, and fully affirmed and praised their dedication, selfless dedication and devotion to duty.Kind ask about the family of sacrifice in civilian police officers’ families as well as the need to solve difficult problems, and they have been since the understanding of the public security work support and great efforts expressed admiration and gratitude, charge related department to solve their difficulties such as the demand of life, let them feel the respect and care of the whole society.In the public Security department traffic police corps died in the line of duty auxiliary police Da Deming home, Wang Hucheng conveyed comrade Li Hongya’s sympathy and care for the family, on behalf of the Public security Department party committee expressed sincere sympathy to their families, issued posthumously awarded Da Deming comrade “Advanced Auxiliary police workers in Qinghai Province” title certificate.This visit is the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the Ministry of Public Security to carry out the national public security organs martyrs, sacrifice in the line of duty, one to four levels of disability and 2021 injured in the line of duty to send warm activities to the families of the police, led by the federation of trade unions in each province, clear our province’s public security organs to comfort 64 people, planned to issue 256,000 yuan of condolence.Next, the public security organs in our province will actively strive for the provincial federation of trade unions and other relevant departments to support, we will further improve the public security police normalized support work mechanism, increase the martyr, sacrifice in disability on business and professional serious illness police family support and help to solve the actual difficulties, inspire loyalty takes office, the police made new again.Source | | qinghai province public security department audit iron rich and strong coordinating editor | HouXianQing