To support the financing development of smes to provide strong support!Xianning “political borrowing” business online

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Xiangcheng Metropolis daily report (reporter Xu Lang correspondent Huang Yue Li Ping) small and medium-sized enterprises win government procurement projects, how to do lack of funds?January 21, Xianning city based on the government procurement announcement of the first online “government procurement loan” successfully issued, the city construction Bank online to the government procurement contract winning enterprise Xianning Yuxiang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. financing 630,000 yuan.Since 2021, the city finance bureau, the city actively promote the people’s bank of the financing mode of government procurement contract (hereinafter referred to as “zheng mining is borrowed”), promote the city government procurement platform and the accounts receivable financing service platform of guide banking institutions concerned to the government procurement contract bidding firms “governance by borrowed” 64 loan, sum amounted to 525 million yuan.With the official opening and use of the online financing platform of “government procurement and loan” in Our city, it means that the bid-winning (transacting) suppliers who participate in government procurement activities and have financing needs can put forward financing needs and obtain financing online without leaving home.And compared with the traditional offline financing model, online “government adopt credit financing platform to achieve the” government procurement, financing, financing demand push to achieve online operation, the whole process of electronic operations and purchasing full open, full sharing of information, effectively improves the convenience, availability of financing, financing approval time than the traditional mode to cut by half,Financing rates will be cut by more than 10%.Xianning Yuxiang Medical Equipment Co., LTD., said: “Before always need to go to several bank outlets, submit a lot of paper materials, from the application to the official loan, usually have to wait a week.Now, the whole process of government procurement contract financing can be handled online, and the loan can be made within three days. We are really on the spot without leaving home.”According to statistics, the municipal government procurement involves nearly a thousand suppliers of small, medium and micro enterprises, and the total procurement scale is about 4.2 billion yuan per year, and the potential financing demand of “government procurement and loan” is more than 1.2 billion yuan.The successful opening of the municipal online financing platform of “government procurement and loan” will further optimize the business environment of the city and provide strong support for the financing development of small and medium-sized enterprises.