Total length of 136 kilometers!Chan City to start a new round of slow drive system transformation, is expected to be completed within the year!

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Optimize the peripheral greening, lighting and other ancillary facilities of the road, improve the ambiguous identification of the lane, unreasonable planning and other problems……Chan City will start a new round of slow driving system transformation work on Jihua Road, Lake View Road, Foshan Avenue and some municipal roads to upgrade!According to reports, the slow road system transformation work will be zen city area Jihua Road, Hujing Road, Foshan Avenue and other 36 municipal roads to upgrade, total length of 136 kilometers, is expected to be completed within this year.In this upgrade, the sidewalk width of newly built streets should be no less than 2 meters, the sidewalk width of rebuilt streets should be no less than 1.5 meters, and the sidewalk width of commercial streets should be controlled at 3-5 meters.The pavement width of different types of streets is different, and the reasonable width is determined by comprehensively considering the road grade, development intensity, functional mixing degree, interface format, bus facilities and other factors.”We uphold the principle of slow traffic first, adopt right-of-way separation and clear functions to set up facilities green belts, non-motorized lanes and sidewalks on the slow road.”The person in charge of the Urban management department of Chan City said that in the process of upgrading the slow driving system, such as the green belt of street trees can take into account the function of the facility belt, and will try to integrate garbage cans, warning piles, bicycle parking areas, street lights, traffic poles and other facilities, and put them on the facility belt to reduce the occupation of road space.At the same time, the unified identification boards, ground signs and stop marks of bicycle and electric bicycle lanes are added, and the damaged, invalid and outdated ones are cleaned up to enhance the traffic efficiency and safety of sidewalks.In order to better adapt to the different requirements of pedestrians and vehicles, high pole lights are generally used for lighting on the roadway during construction, and courtyard lights are generally used for lighting of slow traffic systems such as sidewalks to meet different lighting requirements.For street lamps and street lamp control boxes placed in the middle of the road after road reconstruction, these lighting facilities will be relocated and transformed.To ensure that the slow traffic system is integrated and systematic, so that citizens can truly feel free to travel.As for the problems affecting citizens’ travel experience, such as damaged sidewalks, unsmooth blind paths, and discontinuous bicycle and electric bicycle paths, we will improve and optimize the improvement work to achieve zero height difference at all intersections.Regardless of whether they are blind or cyclists, people with strollers can experience barrier-free passage without height difference to achieve the best comfortable and slow walking experience.Edit | founded town propaganda style tourism office review | frogn, Luo Zhentang source | zen city chengguan, zen city issued share point