A 20-point victory!CBA no suspense 1 battle!Liao basket to send deputy monitor 25 consecutive losses, 26 years of shame record birth

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Q: how can I receive such sports information every day?A: Just click on the top right to follow.On January 27, the 28th round of the CBA regular season continued.At 15 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the top end of the war began, the leader liaoning team versus vice monitor with xi team.This game, as a result of the obvious gap between the strength of both sides, the outcome of the suspense was announced early.After four quarters, Liaoning defeated Tongxi 129-109, sending Tongxi to 25 consecutive defeats.The 25-game losing streak marks the longest regular-season losing streak in the 26-year history of the CBA.Prior to the game, the longest regular-season losing streak in the CBA was held by Shenzhen Yikang, the team’s vice president in 2001-02.At that time, Shenzhen E-Kang lost all 24 regular-season games, creating the longest regular-season losing streak of 24 games.Subsequent relegation play-off, Shenzhen Yikang suffered 6 consecutive defeats, the whole season 30 consecutive defeats after the dissolution.The 24-game losing streak has been sealed until today.This game, with xi start can also bite in front of the difference.But Liaoning opened the gap with an 11-0 run late in the first quarter and scored 37 points to take a 37-25 lead.The second quarter with Xi once hit a wave of 10-2 to catch up to single figures, but Liaoning team Furge, Zhao Jiwei, Cong Mingchen even in four three-point moments opened the difference.At half time, Liaoning led 70-53.The third quarter easy edge again, Liaoning team continued to open fire, single section with 39 points, three points broke 100, 109-80 far ahead.The last quarter was rubbish time.In the end, Liaoning defeated Tongxi 129-109.Perhaps no one thought at the beginning of the season, tongxi men’s basketball team will break this shameful record.At that time, more fans were not interested in ningbo Fubang, the new CBA team, after all, Ningbo was a team improvised with a bunch of loaned and drafted players before the CBA began.However, Ningbo team has won 2 games so far, one of which beat Tongxi.Tongxi’s only win so far was against Ningbo, which was avenged in the second round.It’s been a difficult season for Tongxi.Xi Heating Jiang and Wan Shengwei’s two main forces have been recovering from injuries for a long time, and Wang Zirui has a broken nose.The team also experienced a change of coach in the off-season, general manager Honan and the original coach Besilovich was criticized by the top.But it’s clear to anyone that the problem with Xi can’t be solved by a change of manager.From domestic players to foreign aid, with xi’s configuration are at the bottom.As for when Tong Xi will end their losing streak, perhaps only when they meet jiangsu in the third stage will there be a glimmer of hope.