Is there any security risk in receiving express delivery?How to prevent transmission of virus from person to person?

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At present, the complicated situation of the epidemic in China has made express delivery safety a hot topic once again.Is there any security risk in receiving express delivery?How to prevent transmission of virus from person to person?In order to build a strict protective network, every postal express should experience many links to eliminate.Two, transport disinfection arrived at the mail processing center, the mail truck and mail all-round elimination: vehicle exterior, tires, door handles and express, venues, facilities and equipment……I don’t want to miss anything.Each major mail processing center and business outlets will be sterilized and ventilated frequently every day. From the ground of the operation room, the express conveyor belt to every express package, disinfection will be sprayed to ensure full coverage, no dead corners and no blind spots, and to ensure the clean and hygienic production and living environment.At the point of business sorting, mail is sorted by postmen after strict protective measures are taken.Iv. Delivery of disinfection postmen should wear health code green code to work, wear masks and gloves during work, take temperature and register information, and conduct nucleic acid test regularly.Before delivery, the delivery vehicle is carefully disinfected, and then loaded for distribution.5. The enclosed management and elimination in international mail elimination zone is different from that in domestic parts operation zone. The enclosed management and elimination in international mail elimination zone is implemented to ensure the safety and stability of international delivery channels strictly and carefully.Local postal departments have also implemented detailed epidemic prevention measures to strengthen mail security lines.Zhejiang Post actively implements closed-loop management of “special person”, “special car” and “special area”, strictly separates operating areas, ensures that domestic and international express goods do not cross, and strictly eliminates all vehicles and mail.After the transport vehicles arrive at the outlets, the outer packaging of each express package shall be completely eliminated with “six sides”, striving to achieve the prevention and control details in place.At the International Mail processing center of Inner Mongolia Post, the operation site is sterilized three times a day, and the carriages and bags carrying international mail are disinfected twice.In addition, the Hohhot Postal Branch has also set up a centralized monitoring warehouse. After obtaining the consent of international mail recipients, nucleic acid tests will be conducted on the inside and outside of packages, and only when the results are negative can they be delivered and distributed.Heilongjiang Post has established an international mail elimination point, where international mail can be collected by users after centralized elimination and nucleic acid testing. Through closed-loop distribution, the risk of overseas import is resolutely eliminated.Shenzhen Post has set up a number of centralized pick-up points for international mail. Recipients need to scan the QR code and input their personal information before picking up their mail. The information will be collected and distributed to each community in a timely manner to facilitate the implementation of epidemic prevention requirements in the later stage.The postal department reminded everyone: after receiving the express, do not rush to open the pieces.Do your homework.First of all, we try to choose no contact distribution, you can ask the Courier to put the mail in the express cabinet or express Courier station and other self-pick points.Secondly, wear masks, disposable gloves and other protective equipment when picking up items to avoid direct contact with the mail.Avoid touching eyes, mouth, nose and other exposed parts with hands. Spray or wipe the outer package with medical alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectant before unpacking and using it.The contents of the package should also be disinfected.Finally, avoid taking the outer package of the package home, should be in the outdoor express package according to the household garbage sorting and recycling.