Xianju Cultural Park on the second day of the lunar New Year

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On the afternoon of the second day of the first lunar month, it was raining in Xianju County. Most of the people in the Cultural Park were crowded in the corridor. Some people were playing mahjong, some were playing cards, and a few were playing badminton.Of the Spring Festival, people visit family and friends are all early on, with the development of The Times, more and more people, after is the demand of the spiritual civilization, xianju county, south peak park, park of lean, the central garden, into a tranquil parks and other outdoor terrace, due to the first 2 are rain weather, xianju cultural park in the town center position, people naturally to play here.Is near a park in xianju county, cheng zhong rd is xianju county, the county north and south, in the main population flow, county theater by the side of the road, yiwu small commodity market, gold shop, between several fur coat factory warehourse store, brothers lamb roast king in xinjiang, chongqing barbecue, Fried house, beautiful red ginseng antler direct supermarket, night steamed stuffed bun, red lip, Yang cigarettes, palace is crisp, era curtain,Infamous stinky tofu, etc.Side through the middle of the city Side through the middle of the city side shop park people gathering point On the corridor of the park stand and look there are also people sitting