Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province: Gelievable!Suining police recover stolen car!

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When pilfering “flowing freely” when being arrested “regret” do “thief” this road is never to make a fortune instead is a piece of “ticket” that suffers legal sanction via careful investigation recently development zone police station successfully solved a case of theft of electric car for the owner to find the case of stolen vehicle involved value of more than 3000 yuan caseA “police comrade was stolen my electric tricycle can be used in my” on February 5th, Chen teacher hurriedly rushed to the development zone in the early morning after police received a report to the police police immediately rushed to the scene investigation by visiting survey, the perimeter monitoring police finally locked the suspect Wu Mou tracked him down and successfully by the trial Wu Mou confessed the crime process on February 4, pouring the waste at noonFloor, it found that there is a bunch of keys on the master of the house Chen didn’t pull out the above with a electric car key when he just lack of money is produced a greed so Wu Mou electric car keys down until the dead of night to quickly master Chen after the electric tricycle left to 1500 yuan low price to sell cars to a garage according to the clues to the police quickly found the head of the dealership and vehiclesRecover the current electric tricycle has been returned to Chen Shi Fu case is being further investigated in the owners of how to prevent the car stolen?The most bad habit-the public must make sure that the vehicle has been locked when leaving the vehicle, remove the key and take good care of it, do not be negligent and give an opportunity to lawless elements.02 the most easy choice – the car parked under the monitoring of the vehicle should try to park in a monitored place, at the same time, as far as possible to lock the vehicle and fixed things together, to ensure that the car parked in the monitoring camera range, even if stolen, can also provide important clues to the police, greatly increase the probability of finding back.1, to buy the business of electric vehicles to understand and correctly use the anti-theft function of electric vehicles.2, for the electric bicycle with A strong lock, one is the quality of the lock core, the current market lock according to the national standard is divided into A, B, C three, C lock anti-theft performance is the best;The second is the material and thickness of the chain. The thicker the lock with the same material, the harder it is to break.Of course, there is no lack of shoddy locks on the market, we should choose the qualified products produced by regular manufacturers.Source: Suining Police