A shares do not rise, sorry the majority of investors

2022-06-06 0 By

Is it worth waking up at 3 or 4 every day to study stocks?In addition to going to work, sleeping, a free on the brush news, to see the trend, no other hobbies, worth it?Life is very simple, how many years have not bought clothes, eat the worst food, underwear is broken even reluctant to throw, a little money all bought funds, stocks, is it worth it?Have a headache brain heat also do not want to go to the hospital, be afraid to spend money, meager income throws to the stock market however very generous, be worth?Investment for many years, so far did not earn a few two silver, white hair, long wrinkles, no youth, is it worth it?Drop endlessly let a person hate, a bit rebound forget oneself, annual loss has been numb, the person has been abnormal, waist has hunchbacked, state of mind has been unbearable, the only thing that did not change is the love of the stock, the persistence of the fund, is it worth it?The stock market has become A part of my life and carries all my hopes. No matter how the A-share market changes, I will always follow it to advance together.