From April 1 onwards, electric bicycle charging facilities charging standards come

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Guided reading to regulate electric bicycle charging market price order, and support the electric bicycle charging industry healthy and orderly development, recently, the Beijing municipal development and reform commission issued “about standard of this city residential district electric bicycle charging infrastructure issues such as charge standard notice (hereinafter referred to as the” notice “), further standardize standards and fees of charge of electricity of charging infrastructure,The notice will take effect from April 1, 2022.Standardizing charging rates is also to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, and encourage and guide residents to charge electric bicycles at centralized charging facilities. How about charging rates?Specifically, the charging standard includes four core contents, namely, price separation, unified electricity price, standardized charging, and active service.Electric bicycle charging facilities charges are divided into electricity charges and charging service charges. The electricity charges are fixed by the government, and the charging service charges are regulated by the market.The operating units of charging facilities shall charge charging electricity charges and charging service fees separately from users, and shall not charge them in combination.Unified electricity price Electric bicycle charging facilities set up in residential residential areas will be included in the category of “residential electricity”, and government pricing will be implemented in accordance with the electricity price level of “non-resident users who implement resident prices” in this city.The electricity price standard is 0.5103 yuan/KWH (less than 1 kv).The operating units of charging facilities shall, in accordance with the price Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant regulations on industry management, reasonably formulate standards for charging service fees in the light of production and operation costs and market supply and demand, follow the principles of fairness, legality, honesty and credit.The active service power grid enterprise shall provide electricity connection service for electric bicycle charging facilities in residential communities. If it is really impossible to achieve direct power supply from the power grid and power supply from non-power grid power supply subjects, the non-power grid power supply subjects shall take the initiative to apply to the power grid enterprise for the category of “residential electricity consumption” for electric bicycle charging facilities.Power grid enterprises shall implement separate meter metering for electric bicycle charging facilities, and those that do not implement separate meter metering shall adopt quantitative or fixed ratio pricing and charging respectively.Data figure | figure since the network it is worth noting that the charging infrastructure and business operation entities must be strictly implemented plain code marks a price regulations, shall not charge any not clearly.At the same time, the notice also pointed out that each district can be combined with the actual situation of the district, to further standardize the management of electric bicycle charging facilities specific measures.Charging charges, remember “1+1” electricity charges unified government, electricity services to separate forwarding!Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Editor: Beicheng on-duty editor: Che Shui speed to share with people around!