Huangqiao Police Station: Interpret the most beautiful “Professional blessing” with guardian

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Rednet moment February 9 news (correspondent Wang Kuanyong) ordinary post, extraordinary stick to, in the Spring Festival holiday reunion, Dongkou County Huangqiao police station civilian auxiliary police stick to the job, with action to practice the “peace have me” responsibility, with the guardian interpretation of the most beautiful “professional blessing”.On February 4th, huangqiao police station successfully resolved a mass incident through their unremitting efforts.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2022, Qiu (male, 72 years old, from Huangqiao Town) was transferred to a hospital in Shaoyang due to serious illness during treatment in A hospital in Huangqiao, but his condition was serious and he died.Qiu some family members think huangqiao some hospital in the treatment process there is fault, then look for hospital theory.On February 3, the conflict mediation center of Huangqiao Town intervened in the mediation, but the two sides failed to reach a settlement due to large differences.On the morning of February 4, more than ten members of Qiu’s family again came to a hospital in Huangqiao, asking the hospital to give a statement.During the Spring Festival, huangqiao police station attaches great importance to the police, after in-depth investigation and understanding, coordinating with the Conflict mediation center of Huangqiao town again to organize the two sides to mediate, speaking facts and reasoning, after nearly 3 hours of work, the two sides finally reached a consensus.A drunken man was found lying on the ground by the Huangqiao police station during a night patrol in the town of Huangqiao at around 0 am on February 5.The man was about 30 years old, smelled of alcohol and had blurred consciousness. Yang zhi judged that he should be drunk.As the man could not tell his identity and address, it was freezing. In order to avoid accidents, the police immediately dialed 120 emergency number and assisted the medical staff to send the drunk man to the hospital.After examination, the man’s health was fine. After he regained consciousness, the police contacted his family members to arrive at the hospital through his mobile phone.Seeing the police station staff still serving the people in the early hours of the morning, the man’s family took the hands of the police repeatedly thanked them.Find the masses lost property on February 7 at 6 o ‘clock, huangqiao police station received an old man Peng mou (male, 68 years old, Huangqiao town people) for help said it in huangqiao town middle school gate lost cash 3900 yuan, ask for help.After understanding, Peng mou (male, 68 years old, huang Qiao town person) at 18 o ‘clock on February 6 after huang Qiao town middle school gate, accidentally lost the wallet, wallet with cash 3900 yuan.After four hours of work, the police found the man who had found the wallet.After coordination, pick up the bag man took the initiative to return the wallet and 3900 yuan in cash to Peng.Peng took the lost and recovered property, excited to tears, on the Huangqiao police station people auxiliary police with heart with love to do practical things for the people’s attitude highly praised.