In the first six days of the year 2022, seven big names stirred controversy: Shen Teng was mocked and Guo Degang disappeared

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In the happiness of family reunion, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year came.For most people, Spring Festival is a time for family reunions, but the past few days have also been busy working days for celebrities.After all, all kinds of movies and parties are officially opened at this time.Many stars, actors, also frequently caused hot discussion.But some praise, some is mocking, questioning.It should be said that most people do not care about the trivial matters of the Chinese New Year.As a result, even so, a number of stars have caused controversy.These seven, for example, are examples.Even in 2022, the Spring Festival Gala is still the standard for many people.Speaking of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, it is also a gathering of big stars.Even 71-year-old Jiang Kun returned to the gala after a few years.In recent years, though, Jiang kun’s reviews have not been particularly good.After deyun Society became popular, his past with Lao Guo also caused hot discussion again and again.In addition, as a handle of the musical association, the people under the storm is constantly.Jiang Kun was also involved in various controversies.But in many people’s mind, he is still a very good crosstalk actor.The point is that in the past few years, Jiang Kun and Tang Jiezhong have actually produced some good works, such as “Tiger’s Mouth”, “Elevator Adventure”, “Rush” and so on.So that he on the Spring Festival Gala, a lot of people are looking forward to.Results because of various reasons, his cross talk this year, the evaluation is not particularly good.So that after the show, is all kinds of “ridicule”.It seems that This time jiang Kun, really let many people “disappointed”.Wang Jingjing is 66 years old.At such an age, he is still working hard in the film industry, which is really touching.To a large extent, he is also supporting the current “Hong Kong film”.Just moved, Wang Jing’s “bad film” also more and more no bottom line.This year’s Spring Festival Gala, he is not like previous years, pulling Andy Lau, Chow Yun-fat, accompany him to shoot “from Vegas to Macau” series of movies.He set his sights on big Internet movies.With Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Lin Feng and others, the remake of “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon”.The result is Lin Feng, 42, playing zhang Wuji in his early 20s.Louis Koo with a full face of stories, zhang Cuishan as qing Jun…With the exception of a few actors, the actresses are also a long story to tell.Like air bangs zhou Zhi if.And one of the highlights, Wen Yongshan’s Zhao Min.All kinds of shocking “adaptation”, is also numerous, like Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhi if together, Zhang Wuji mother dont let Zhang Wuji revenge…It’s supposed to be a change, but it’s not a lie.The point is that Wang Jing has had success in this regard, for example, in the 1990s, when he made “God Lean on The Sky and Slay the Dragon”.However, this year, all aspects of the ability to decline significantly, the fight drama has become a joke.Leading to the release of two works, douban ratings plummeted.Wang Jing, as a director, has been teased.Liu Haocun liu Haocun is the flower with the best resources in these two years.After her debut as mou Girl, she first worked with Zhang Yi, then appeared in the big-name drama On the Cliff, and then in Send You a Little Red Flower with Yi Yangqianxi.To this year’s Spring Festival, and Liu Haoran starred in the “Four Seas”.And last year’s Spring Festival Gala, yuanxiao party, debut not two years of her, have appeared.It can be said that her resources are so good that some netizens lamented that “Mou Girl” had better resources than Zhang Yimou after her debut.The point is that she has not shown any great strength until now, but has been constantly questioned.In fact, last year opened two days ago, Liu Haocun because of resources, age, caused controversy.As if on New Year’s Day, the studio urgently refuted the rumor.As a result, her family’s affairs have been uncovered in the past year.So much so that before the release of The Four Seas, her acting was ridiculed wildly because she had all kinds of boycotts after the film was released.In recent days, has been the focus of public opinion.So there is the third day of the year, the studio to a refutation.Just refuting rumors seems to have no effect, and her comments are still not very good.To some extent, she may have brought it on herself.She seemed to know all about her mother, but these days, she even participated in the Disabled Persons’ Federation Spring Festival Gala.I mean, what happened with her mom and the little girl, it’s not really her business.But it’s kind of ironic when you compare the two things.Han Han Liu Haocun caused a lot of controversy with his movie “Four Seas”.After all, it’s a great resource.Director han Han, actor Liu Haoran, supporting roles also have Shen Teng, Huang Xiaoming, Yin Zheng and so on.But who would have thought that such a movie packed with big names would turn out to be a bad movie?Speaking of which, the film did well at first, based on the fame of a few people.Two days before its release, it briefly surpassed “Miracle and Stupid Kids” to become the second most popular film in the Chinese New Year.The result scored 5.6, the worst in the Spring Festival season.Some of the controversy in the film goes to Liu Haocun and some to Han Han.This is Han han’s fourth work.With the success of “The Continent” and “Mercedes-benz,” many fans have high expectations.To my surprise, many people were disappointed, and a look at the comments was not very optimistic.Even Han han’s micro blog has many netizens making fun of him.Shen Teng was also a supporting actor in the movie Four Seas.Although the publicity, in order to attract more attention, anxious to advertise him as the leading role.A lot of people walked into theaters because of him.As a result, he gets so little screen time that he gets teased.But to a large extent, it’s the publicity that’s to blame.Some of his fans, at best, let him cherish his feathers, good selection of works.However, despite the worsening reviews, Shen seemed to enjoy the film, and even today, he posted on his Micro blog: “I feel bad for Director Han han.”However, the film is not well known for its bad reviews, so shen Teng, who has always been popular with the road, this time also overturned the car.The comments were endless in questioning him.When Guo Degang and Jiang Kun caused controversy, netizens joked that the only thing amusing in his crosstalk might be Guo Degang.Just the beginning of this few days, Guo Degang’s condition is not very good.The first was the Spring Festival gala in Shandong and Tianjin, where his show was cut.He even led his apprentices to sing Peking Opera in the Tianjin Spring Festival Gala.Maybe there were too many people to cut the show.Just a picture to him, basically immediately “cut” the perspective.When netizens wondered why he had “disappeared”, his relationship with Wang mengting sparked heated discussion.Guo degang is rumored to have secretly given birth to a one-month-old baby with young Peking Opera actress Wang Mengting, who is currently being cared for by his wife.Perhaps many people don’t know Wang Mengting, a Peking Opera actress who graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Opera. Sun Yumin, a famous Peking Opera artist, was a disciple of The Xun School.A few years ago, Wang Mengting and The Kylin Drama co., and Guo Degang shot a play “Old and Young Liu Gonggong Whirlwind Complaint.”She and Guo Degang relationship is good, is also a teacher and friends.As a result, at the beginning of the year, there were rumors about two people.Wang Mengting quickly refuted rumors, but also issued a statement.Guo Degang also made a response on the fifth day.But the reason for his “disappearance” from each show is still unknown.Throughout the Spring Festival, baby has been a constant source of concern.After all, her divorce from Huang xiaoming was officially announced late last year.Netizens wondered how the baby was faring after the divorce.She has certainly lived up to her online reputation.First up is Beijing TV’s Spring Festival Gala, where baby is not only performing but also guest hosting this year.She co-hosted the gala with Zhang Guoli.As a result, Zhang Guoli is an experienced host, which makes her look very young. As soon as the Spring Festival Gala is over, netizens make all kinds of “jokes” : empty eyes and pompous typhoon.And that’s not the end of it. Yesterday, she was caught using a body double.An ordinary scene, all need a double to complete.She’s been a constant source of controversy since the start of 2022.In fact, if we take a careful inventory, in the last two days, there may be many stars causing controversy.Although to use guo Degang’s words, said is: artists earn money, half of the money is scolded.But in 2022, let’s hope the stars focus on their careers, creating less controversy and producing more good work.The end of the text is the end is also the beginning.