Li Xiaopeng pointed out that the shuai difficulties, for the national football team shuai put forward suggestions, the new national football team shuai direction

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Trussiere, who has a great coaching experience in Asia, is still very concerned about Chinese football and has brought good advice to the Chinese football team.He first pointed out the problem li Xiaopeng encountered, that is, after losing to the Vietnam team which was weaker than himself, Li Xiaopeng had to continue to face great public pressure, which meant that li Xiaopeng’s next work was difficult to carry out.Combined with the current environment of Chinese football, future coaches should choose eastern European coaches more appropriate.Apparently, Trusiere believes that in the short term, the Chinese football team still believes that the captain is the most suitable choice.From the point of view of protecting Li Xiaopeng, it is a reasonable choice to dismiss him as soon as possible, because he and Li Tie are one of the few high-quality local coaches.However, the high quality refers to the short pick tall, they can also coach the Super team, but the National football team this big project, for them is really too difficult.According to the situation, Li Xiaopeng obtained some special treatment during the coaching period of Li Tie, so that he had enough space to play, but the measures he implemented instead become the factor that he may eventually resign.One was an exaggerated 52-man training camp roster that proved he was unfamiliar with many of the players;Second, the selection of too large coaches, many coaches do not know their own positioning and function is what;The third is to draw lessons from the mistakes made by Li Tie, insisting on recruiting naturalized players without systematic training and giving them the main force position, which is obviously wise by mistake.This is the first time for Li Xiaopeng to coach the National football Team. It is reasonable for him to have the inexplicable behavior above. The conclusion is that he is more unsuitable to lead the national football team than Li Tie.In fact, Li Xiaopeng is a rare experience in the National football Team. What he got was not the real position of the national football team coach, but the coaching experience card.Only lost to Vietnam team will accelerate his experience card expires, fortunately li guiding mentality and emotional intelligence is the first-class, left the team’s head coach position is only a matter of time, but will not affect his future at the Chinese super league team, he should like howell, concentrate on the individual coaching honors, have the opportunity to try as a world-class foreign handsome assistant coach,It’s better than being ducked and rushed to a higher platform.In fact, Truusiere said right, the Chinese football team should invite foreign coaches, and eastern Europe is the most appropriate coach.At present, once in the Super play beautiful football stojkovic should be a best candidate.His effect on the training of young players’ technical foundation and consciousness is obvious, and the transformation of the team’s technical playing style is even more impressive. This is the ability of a good coach.The coach of the national football team should be a competent person, and the Yang shuai is a competent person.Most of the competitors around the National football team are hiring foreign coaches, and three South Korean coaches have served as the head coach of southeast Asian teams.Moreover, the head coach who led the team to win the Chinese Super League championship is basically Yang Shuai, which is a very objective reality.So the suggestion of trusiere must be reasonable, the choice of hiring yankees is not difficult at all.If you really want to hire, I suggest that stojkovic will be invited again in the future. He has a very good understanding of Chinese football, at least the scene is good, which will reduce the bitterness of the defeat of the National football team.