On the occasion of the Spring Festival, let’s look back to 2021 and feel the temperature and strength of Tangshan public welfare

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Your browser does not support the Video TAB.They are not only practitioners of public welfare, promoting action through knowledge and deeds, demonstrating the power to make progress.They are also public welfare devotees, with love as a paddle, escort for love, passing the power of mutual help;They are the pacesetters of public welfare, lighting up the road ahead, dispelling the haze and gathering indomitable strength.Recently, sponsored by Tangshan Labor Daily, Tangshan Charity Federation, Tangshan Red Cross society, Tangshan Good Samaritandom Promotion Association and undertaken by Tangshan Evening News, the “Warm Phoenix” — 2021, the top ten public welfare enterprises in Tangshan, the top ten public welfare figures in Tangshan and the top ten public welfare action selection activities in Tangshan came to an end.Ten public welfare enterprises, ten public welfare figures and ten public welfare actions selected in this activity have illuminated the sky of public welfare in Tangshan and warmed millions of people.Of the arrival of the Spring Festival, to promote the public welfare spirit, reveal example, tangshan labor daily special launch video “public welfare such as springs Love into jianghai, together with all of you enjoy and experience of advanced public typical elegant demeanour, motivate and lead more people to join the public welfare undertakings, with their own temperature pass good, with all my love to those who need to send to the sunshine and hope,Shine tangshan civilized city and loving city brand with great love kindness!