What a classic sword for all ages!Rebroadcast 3000 times in 5 years, why is Li Yunlong so popular?

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If you ask on the Internet, where was the turning point in World War II?Then you will probably get two kinds of answers, one is the standard answer, one is Li Yunlong attacked pingan county, referred to as Pingan Gele, not a netizen learning bad, but the sword this TV play deeply popular, this drama fire to what extent?Within five years it was repeated 3,000 times, and a decade later it was occasionally in the top five.Strong-arm reaction is a classic, the whole family can hardly refuse screen even if you was born after zero zero players, but also managed B site strong-arm reaction of ghost livestock, even after the broadcast strong-arm reaction, all kinds of hand devil, crotch Tibetan ray anti-japanese drama also appear constantly, but in the end are ups and downs, also few, which can be the audience remember thousand sails, after all, only the strong-arm reaction is still strong.So why has the sword been so popular for so long?Liangjian is adapted from the novel of the same name, which became popular all over the country after it was published in 1999. The producer Liu Yanming obtained the authorization of Liangjian in 2001. But at that time, no one dared to invest in war dramas, and everyone loved watching young men and girls fall in love, who wanted to watch a group of big men fighting?It wasn’t until 2004 that Liu yanming finally received his first investment, but only 9 million yuan.That’s a lot of money to make a movie, let alone a 30-episode series.Equipment, scenery, actors, publicity, which must not cost money?Liu Yanming launched liangjian only to save money this method, the first is the equipment, then shoot an advertisement you have to use long guns and short guns, but the liangjian crew only have two cameras, in order to save money, these two cameras are not 24 hours, every four days have to shoot a set of content, this workload than the production team donkey are more.Followed by a panoramic view, cast and have no money to rent a studio, Liu Yanming to consult people good good, to inquire into the Shanxi Province there was a small village for a long time to waste, where the bird does not defecate, within a few miles doesn’t even have a small shop, all have to go far to find the living supplies, wider strong-arm reaction boot in the severe winter, for a whole winter, cast are camped out in the village.More than 20 degrees below zero weather, the camera will not operate properly, cast and leave the best heating fire to the camera, in order to save money, just clean up no one lives in a house of broken when the room, after some actor in the play have to burn kang, because they do not burn kang is really cold, in this environment, who who who, much less money, condition is bad,In any case, some young young meat will certainly not play, only the real old opera bone is willing to eat this loss.How classic strong-arm reaction, an expression can be a textbook acting, xiaoqi is don’t want to play first strong-arm reaction, 30 sets of content level there are 17 in battle, this for xiaoqi is 40 years old is just like a joke, finished the body also carry not to live, in the end his wife advised xiaoqi take up this role, the results youbin li a really classic.Today, the domestic haven’t seen the play screen characters like yun-long li, born in rebellious, don’t even know a few words, but yun-long li people spit pathway, is born of war material, other people dozen devil on strategy, yun-long li dozen devil is the set of FeiQi santana, what the gentleman revenge, decade not night, these things don’t work in the yun-long li eyes,He must have picked on every penny, avenged it, and avenged it right away.The enemy bully his comrades, yun-long li word was plotting revenge, even if the other party is what elite troops, finally success breakthrough yun-long li forces killed the enemy, this tone out of home, xiaoqi’s yun-long li never image of Lao zi, three sentences from belle, heavy feeling heavy righteousness to friendly forces, an decisive, on the battlefield is ground and show the soul.Can stop watching xiaoqi intrepid invincible on the screen, actually xiaoqi it will be moving in the process of filming, there is a scene chang north play chu yunfei posed the hongmen banquet, the day with chang north co-star xiaoqi the cold has a fever, in order not to delay the schedule, xiaoqi drank half a bottle of white wine to warm the body, but he cold sweat dc doesn’t sit, finally chang north don’t have the heart to,Say li Youbin advised to the hospital.This is not what, more serious when Li Youbin almost died in others, what is drama cast a face?Spoke these words should be in the strong-arm reaction of the monk’s zhang tong, zhang tong only 23 years old at the time, in order to get a monk in the play the role, he was still played a fist at the audition, but in fact, zhang tong hadn’t learned to kung fu, that set of boxing and difficulty, but didn’t think zhang tong in the group to seize the essence of taka monk.Don’t know how many people are discovered, zhang tong did in childhood play merrily merrily hand-woven cloth god also has excellent performance, the role and hair, then for many people, but strong-arm reaction before merrily merrily hand-woven cloth, you only remember the monk, zhang tong play, strong-arm reaction after the broadcast, many directors have come to zhang tong plays a tough guy,But Zhang tong’s own idea was to play a quiet boy, but the result was that after he played the sword, the whole stage was taken astray.It is worth mentioning that there is a scene in the play is the monk carrying Li Yunlong run, the result was zhang Tong ran too fast, directly put the back of Li Youbin to fall down, Li Youbin was badly hit, but also in bed rest for a long time, DO not know that we found?In the scene where the monk dies, there are three bandits with guns in the back, and one of them is Li Youbin, who plays Li Yunlong.Crew shorthanded at that time, xiaoqi, took off his uniform to wear fur hats is small bandits, and this scene was taken in a day, xiaoqi had just finished playing bandits have to seamlessly to yun-long li, he saw the monk name in packed up even in front of the officer, with zhao commissar from jie scar, just a few scenes that all feelings instant eruption,You can’t do this without some acting.In 2005, Liangjian premiered on CCTV, and the audience rating was high in the first round. The original investment of the TV series was only 9 million, but after being acquired by CCTV, it became 650,000 DOLLARS, which was an unexpected blossom and result for everyone. Now 17 years have passed.Yunlong firing a gun, Baoqing skating, Ding Wei being beaten, monk eating meat, Big Biao throwing his hat these classic pictures have long been made into emotises and ghost animal videos by major bloggers.See bright sword, what see is the giant’s happy kindness and enemy, what see is heroic spirit, what see is Li Yunlong free and easy unconstrained from one’s will, this TELEplay is very rough, do not have curt emotional bridge paragraph, because the real soldier does not have time to be sentimental, comradets won’t hold a head to cry and seize the time to fill a battle to kill an enemy.The war was brutal, so everyone was covered in dust, and clean collars were never seen, so the sword is a romantic anthem that tells us that the brave will win, and the sword must be used when it is due.What do you remember from the show? Leave a comment in the comments.