Just now, the mudan Bridge was open to traffic

2022-06-08 0 By

Good news!Good news!Peony Bridge reopened to traffic!Just now, luoyang City Administration bureau learned that at 10:00 on March 28, the reinforcement project of Mudan Bridge was officially completed, and the whole bridge deck resumed traffic.Peony Bridge is the third municipal bridge across luohe River in Luoyang city, and the only one named after “Peony” bridge. It was completed and put into use in 1999.The main bridge is a 25-hole, 30-meter span prestressed concrete simply-supported hollow slab. The approach bridge is a 21-span V-pier continuous beam with a total length of 1369.65 meters and a total width of 34 meters.In May 2021, mudan Bridge received its first comprehensive overhaul since its completion. The reinforcement project involved 18 sub-projects, including the replacement of 3,200 aging supports of the main bridge, the demolition and reconstruction of deck paving of the main bridge, the replacement of mechanical non-isolation guardrail and the replacement of external hanging plates of the bridge, etc.The successful completion of the reinforcement project signifies that the Mudan Bridge will provide greater convenience for luoyang citizens to travel in a healthier state.