Mother-in-law favoritism younger daughter, door-to-door son-in-law suffered all kinds of difficulties, unbearable want to run away from home

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The son-in-law apologized to his mother-in-law to ease the family conflict, but the mother-in-law pushed him away and refused to accept their apology. What happened?At the scene of mediation, zhang Jinfen’s mother-in-law was determined to let the couple move out.However, li Qing, the eldest son-in-law, thought that ten years ago, he joined wang’s family and his wife Wang Yanqing worked so hard to run the family’s textile factory. After ten years, his mother-in-law could not ignore their efforts and had to kick them out of the house.In li Qing’s view, his mother-in-law has always been very partial to her little daughter, and threatened to leave all the family property to her, which he thought was unfair to him and his wife.Zhang Jinfen, her mother-in-law, said angrily: “She only has two daughters. At the beginning, she kept her eldest daughter by her side and hired a son-in-law to inherit the family business and give them retirement.To my surprise, the elder couple always picked on him and his wife. They were always about to run away from home. They were worried that they would grow old and have no one to support them.”As soon as the words were finished, Zhang Jinfen, who had been in poor health, suddenly fainted. The relatives hurriedly helped Zhang Jinfen up from the ground, and took a water and food.Zhang jinfen’s face was pale and she looked uncomfortable.But the daughter and son-in-law who were sitting nearby were indifferent and did not offer to take care of their mother.It was obvious that they had a big problem with their mother. The couple made no secret of their complaint to their parents. They said: “In the past ten years, my parents have always been biased towards my daughter and ignored their efforts.”The factory needs some working capital every time it restock, so she decided to apply for a 100,000 yuan credit card from the bank,” said Li.Large credit cards require a guarantor, and he thought of his wife’s sister.But to Li Qing’s surprise, her brother-in-law had agreed to do it, but when the day came, her sister suddenly changed her mind.””My own belief is that sisters should help each other, but she doesn’t see me as a sister, so I’m just a little disappointed.””Said Li Qing’s wife.My sister explained that one of her friends had his house seized because he was guaranteeing loans for others, so he couldn’t take on such responsibilities for his sister and brother-in-law.”The elder daughter and his wife were not happy about his sister’s backsaying, but their parents’ words made the elder daughter and his wife even more upset. Do you know what the two old people said?”Don’t get her daughter. What if you run away?It will harm us, and we will not be unlucky.”The eldest daughter and her husband felt that their parents must have been behind their decision for their sister to refuse the guarantee. They couldn’t understand why their parents didn’t regard them as a family when they were devoted to this family.Li’s family of four lives with her in-laws in three bedrooms, one for her parents and the other for her married sister, squeezing them into a single bedroom.”He has two daughters, aged seven and 10, who are growing up and cannot always share the same room with their parents,” Li said. “He once told his mother-in-law that he wanted to spare the room left vacant by his sister’s marriage for the two daughters.””Once, my oldest daughter went to her grandmother to get her keys and opened the door of her aunt’s house. She said,” Mom, I’m sleeping in the back with my sister today.After sleeping for two days, his grandmother came back and locked the door so she could never find the key again.”Li Qing’s wife wronged said.Her mother-in-law Zhang Jinfen said, “Where will my daughter and granddaughter live when they come back?”There must be room for her!Li Qing, her son-in-law, thought, “My youngest daughter doesn’t come back to live here. She hasn’t come back to live here for more than three years.Therefore, Li Qing could not understand what her mother-in-law was doing. They were all family. Why did her mother-in-law only think of her little daughter instead of her granddaughter?And then li qing and her mother-in-law have another dispute over a treadmill?Can you put down the treadmill here? Is that ridiculous?Because my oldest daughter is short, the doctor said I must exercise.We don’t have time to take her running every day, so we bought a treadmill, but it’s just too big for the living room.Li Qing talked with her mother-in-law about putting it in her sister’s room. She said, “If your youngest daughter comes back, I will let her go.Li Qing also said that her mother-in-law could not bear to see them idle. Whenever she saw them idle, she felt uncomfortable.They’re happy when you work all day!For example, once: during the day there seems to be thousands of meters of cloth, I have just done, moved to the night, this waist ah, are not straight, on the sofa to see the mobile phone, was mother-in-law saw, angry scolded him.This is not the first time his mother-in-law has been so harsh on him, Li said.Once I got a TV set, he just took it away without saying anything, pulled the cord off, and then said, Do you work or watch TV?Her mother’s strict requirements made the eldest daughter and her husband feel that they were not like a family, but more like laborers working for their parents.Last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the family set off a storm again.On Mid-Autumn Day, li Qing, her son-in-law, was invited out to dinner by her two brothers.The Mid-Autumn Festival was supposed to be a festival for reunion, but her son-in-law, Li Qing, went out to a restaurant. The old man got angry and asked his eldest daughter to call Li Qing back.Li Qing was very angry at that time: I have dinner with my brother, not with a disorderly person, I did not fault.So he came back angry and flipped the table and smashed the door.Also said, this home I can not live!The subsequent arrival of his two older brothers further humiliated the old man.They were all bigger and slapped the old man.Although li qing’s two elder brothers came to her house to apologize, she felt that the eldest son-in-law had gone too far and that there would be no room for them in the future if he continued to tolerate them.The mother-in-law said to her eldest daughter, “How about you give us 20,000 yuan a year?”To give 20,000 yuan a year is not only to put a little pressure on the young couple, but also to check the eldest son-in-law.But the old man’s request was not only rejected by the eldest son-in-law, but also failed to win the support of the eldest daughter.Li Qing felt very aggrieved, so he had a showdown with his wife: If you listen to your mother like this again, we will not lead.Later, Li Qing’s wife began to feel that her mother’s style of doing things was not right, but a little biased.Wang yanqing is more inclined to support her husband, while Zhang Jinfen seems unable to tolerate her daughter’s betrayal.”Once when I was taking a bath in the bathroom, my mother told me through the door how to listen to my husband and not my parents,” Wang said.Later said, two people seem to be in a very hot mood, they quarreled.Mother Zhang Jinfen originally wanted to persuade his eldest daughter to join him, but did not expect the opposite, pushed the door to come in, hit her daughter a slap in the face.What a Wolf! You used to listen to me, but now you only listen to your husband?It made her sad to think that her daughter, who had been brought up by all kinds of hardships, was also saying that she wanted to turn her back on them.At the sight of his eldest daughter and her husband, Zhang Jinfen’s mother became angry and decided to kick her out.How can two generations bridge the gap and live under one roof again?This is a difficult problem placed in front of the resident committee staff (Tong Guorong).Subsequently, Tong Guorong mother Zhang Jinfen and the couple are called to the neighborhood committee, face-to-face mediation.Entering the room, his mother, Zhang Jinfen, took out a padded coat she had brought with her. He said he had scrimped and saved for the family, even refusing to buy a good dress.Seeing her mother’s sadness, the older daughter, who was already feeling guilty, took the initiative to apologize: It might be wrong to quarrel with her at ordinary times, and it was also wrong to casually say that she wanted to leave. Should she stay at home?You can’t just walk away. You have to be responsible.My daughter’s apology was sincere.But the mother Zhang Jinfen still immersed in their own sadness, in order to ease her mood, but also evoke her and her daughter and son-in-law once feelings.Tong Guorong throws a series of questions to Zhang Jinfen, so you are according to what kind of criteria to choose a son-in-law?After Li Qing arrived at your home, is her usual performance ok?”He took care of me when I was sick.”Lee said.According to what you mean, I can understand that Li Qing just meets your requirements for selecting a son-in-law, right?Tong Guorong deliberately hold the first Li Jinfen, how to say?Let him feel that this son-in-law is actually a good choice!People around said that this son-in-law is still possible.Tong guorong then asked his son-in-law Li Qing a question, trying to make Li Qing realize his shortcomings in dealing with his in-laws: The son-in-law is half a son, do you think you have been filial to your mother-in-law?Li Qing thought she had done all she could.What is filial piety?It’s not like you just give him money, you just ask him, what’s the point?Of course, this “compliance” does not mean that all unreasonable and unreasonable requests should be complied with. It means that you can comply with what you think is reasonable and necessary.The mediator’s good guidance made Li Qing understand that his attitude towards his in-laws was sometimes too tough, which made the old man’s heart very uncomfortable.See young couple can experience the heart of the elder, also can concede a step.The mediator struck while the iron was hot, asking the couple to formally apologize to their mother, Zhang Jinfen.But mother Zhang Jinfen’s resolute attitude makes her daughter and son-in-law very embarrassed.Under the mediator’s persuasion, Zhang Jinfen proposed: daughter and son-in-law can not move out, but to give him and his wife 5,000 yuan a month living expenses, on the one hand, the daily expenses of the family of six need money, on the other hand, also want to give daughter and son-in-law some pressure, third also to the old couple in the future pension to provide certain security.He and his wife will continue to help their daughter and son-in-law run the house and take care of the children.When the mediator told zhang Jinfen’s request to the eldest daughter and her husband, she was rejected by her son-in-law, Li Qing.Li qing said he was not refusing to give his mother-in-law the money, but hoped to reduce the amount.But how to persuade the equally stubborn mother?Li qing’s wife explained to her mother: “We are in the start-up stage, the business has just started, the money is not so much, can you give a little less?”Since they quarreled with their mother, they had not talked to each other for a long time. To Wang yanqing’s surprise, her mother said she wanted the 5,000 yuan, in fact, part of the reason was to save it for her simple and introverted daughter.The mother felt aggrieved that he had always treated his two daughters the same, but the eldest daughter never understood his heart.Seeing her sad mother, Wang yanqing took her mother’s hand and tears flowed down her cheeks.Finally, I hope they can be reconciled, understand each other, tolerate each other, and be happy!