Car sound insulation | noise detection, noise reduction is not vague!Mercedes-benz Vito is refreshing both inside and outside

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Vito is a MPV developed by Benz with heavy investment. Its unique design makes it a classic!Excellent technology, fine workmanship and solid materials explain the German Benz to the highest standards of technology.For this reason, having a quiet, comfortable driving space is also essential.A lot of people think, luxury cars do not need to do sound insulation, but different owners have different pursuit, such as the fengcheng bosom friend Weiting owners, he personally think born with perfect need to elaborate sound insulation modification upgrade, make it more in line with the temperament of the leader, different.So on the problem, after discussing with Fengcheng friend Wang, and conducted a road test, comparison, decided to choose the high cost performance of Adessa sound insulation for the car sound insulation upgrade modification.After a test run, the modification master found that the noise of the car came from the empty slot of chassis and trunk, as well as the noise generated by the four wheels on the road.In view of the above problems, the masters have given a reasonable modification scheme, let’s go to know!Open the door panel, Vitor door has done almost no sound insulation treatment, sheet metal exposed, only a layer of plastic film cover;Want horn to play good, cut off the incoming of outside noise, need to provide it with a good working environment, door panel sound insulation can not only provide a good box to the horn, but also can strengthen sheet metal, cut off the incoming noise.Door inner panel sound insulation, shock absorption of the door panel, bar affixed with element shock absorption materials.Keep the noise outside the car to a minimum.Then the second layer of the whole door panel is fully pasted, so that the whole door panel forms a closed space, and improves the sound quality effect.Corresponding to the road noise, the element layer paste, full paste the metal part of the carriage, at the same time in the wheel arc part of the use of strengthened sheet metal, enhance the rigidity, maximum strength to reduce noise.The tire noise from leaf plate and wheel arc lining is also a major source of automobile noise.The sound insulation of chassis also nots allow to ignore, sound insulation material is cut out in pairs should be big and small stick on bottom plate, restrain effectively because sheet metal is weak and cause the weakness of resonance.A good sound insulation material, not only can improve the grade of the car, more can give you a comfortable journey.The Mercedes Vito, carefully installed by the modification master, brings indescribable enjoyment and experience to drivers.I believe that many people still think that the car sound insulation is nothing more than the shock plate to sheet metal a post, sound-absorbing cotton to the lining board a plug.In fact, a professional sound insulation project will go through a test process and the use of noise testing instruments to collect data, but also for different models, different noise sources, develop a reasonable material collocation, play out the effect is not only stop vibration, but also to a certain extent to improve the sound quality of the car.| | contact address, ningxia yinchuan xingqing district of hongqiao days sources of wealth transfer center south street block B