Future investment trends

2022-06-09 0 By

Happy New Year, everyone, here to give you the New Year, wish you the Year of tiger, Tiger Tiger shengwei, full of happiness.Taking advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, the stock market closed, today to share with you my judgment on the future investment trend.With the continuous development of society, artificial intelligence will become the mainstream.In the past, people were the source of labor force. With the continuous progress of science and technology, science and technology are the primary productive forces.Robots will replace a lot of labor, and artificial intelligence and self-learning system will be widely used.As science and technology roll forward, the future is bound to create great wealth for society, even if only a few people, the wealth is bound to be more and more.At present, the biggest asset of ordinary people is real estate. According to statistics, real estate accounts for up to 70% of our personal assets.But from the policy point of view, the future is still housing not speculation, the guidance price of second-hand housing will be issued one after another, the real estate tax will start to pilot, and finally the real estate tax will be implemented as promised.At that time, the real estate market will gradually lose liquidity, and a large amount of capital will flow into the equity market, and the core of the equity market is the stock, so a large amount of capital will flow from the real estate market to the stock market in the future.I think the next 10 years will be a great development of our stock market, the market value will appear a huge expansion, even more than the real estate market.Third, the interest rate will be lower and lower in the future, social production efficiency will be higher and higher, social credit will also be enhanced, high credit will naturally lower the interest rate.At the same time, countries are printing more and more money, so the tendency to monetize debt is more and more, so the interest rate will move closer and closer to zero.With the reduction of interest rate, the debt cost of enterprises will be low at the same time, and the valuation of the stock market will continue to rise, and the cost performance of stock market investment will become higher and higher.In the future, bond yields are likely to get lower and lower, as are fixed-income WMPS.Then those long-term fixed income holdings all went down, and there was certainly a lot of capital flight to higher yield capital markets.Today I will first share the above content, in fact, I think, sometimes really need to calm down to think, have their own judgment of the future direction, head down to pull the car at the same time to look up to see the direction, the wrong direction, then the more effort, will deviate farther.