Prince Charles Camilla was delighted as he made his first appearance together since the Queen’s announcement

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Prince Charles and Camilla attended a gala dinner at the British Museum in London to celebrate the foundation’s anniversary on February 9.It was the first public appearance of the royal couple together since the Queen’s announcement.The old couple both looked fresh and radiant.The Duchess of Cornwall, 74, looked elegant as she walked down the aisle in a dark green velvet evening gown paired with matching silk wide-leg trousers.It was clear camilla was taking the appearance seriously.Wearing a sumptuous emerald and diamond necklace, pastel makeup and a trademark bouffant haircut, the 70-year-old woman has had a hard time maintaining her classy look.The Prince of Wales is also very attentive.A black tuxedo with delicate white shirt and black bow, a standard old gentleman style, very elegant, modest.In an open letter a few days ago, the 95-year-old queen said she “sincerely hopes that when Charles becomes King, Camilla will be called Queen And continue her own faithful service.”The queen’s move clears the way for Charles to be crowned Camilla in the future.No doubt the Prince of Wales was thrilled and thrilled by his mother’s decision.They say, “Joy puts heart into a man.”At last night’s reception, the prince was beaming with joy and joy.Charles and Camilla spent a further 27 years together after divorcing Princess Diana in 1996.During these long years, Charles has been obsessed with making Camilla queen.The “tortuous” process is probably only known by the old crown prince and his second wife.So when his mother finally stepped in to help him out, Charles expressed his deep gratitude to the Queen.In a statement to mark the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne, the elder prince said: “We [Charles and Camilla] are acutely aware of the honour that my mother’s wishes represent.We have been and will continue to strive to serve and support her Majesty the Queen and the people of our community.My loving wife has been a staunch supporter.”A source said: “The truth is that Charles doesn’t care about the power of the Queen.He’s been trying to get Camilla the title of queen for years, mainly because he feels his wife should have the rights of an ordinary wife.He didn’t want Camilla to be a mismatch when he became king.If his wife was required to be a second-class citizen when he became king, how could Charles, as her loving husband, approve of such a situation?”At the same time, the Queen’s letter snuffed out the last remaining chance of a “generational succession” for Prince William.If anything, the next king and queen of England are Charles and Camilla.Charles is understood to be planning to move to Platinum Ham Palace with Camilla when he is crowned king.To the old crown prince, it was the symbolic residence of the king.So, when he becomes king, Charles plans to “camp” at Platinum Ham Palace.This statement is originally written by @dailyFlora, and shall not be used or copied without authorization.Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact the author to delete, thank you!