The soldier secretly followed his wife on the train, but the wife cried

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Military love no vows of eternal love, but also let you shed tears, moved.Once a comrade in arms, in order to leave no regrets, secretly bought a train ticket to send his wife back home after visiting relatives. As a result, after the couple pretended to meet each other in the carriage, his wife burst into tears.The picture that touched you and me like this may have appeared in many places and many times, but this story is true today.If you have similar unforgettable love memories, welcome to discuss in the comments area.During his service as a soldier, there was a veteran in our company, Corporal Li, who was very good in all aspects of quality. No matter physical training or professional training, he was a “master” in the company. Therefore, both cadres and soldiers respected him very much.His wife, also surnamed Li, works as a primary school teacher in their hometown.In addition to regular classes, my sister-in-law has to take care of her aged parents-in-law and five-year-old child.Lee and his sister-in-law are also known for their love. They have been friends since childhood.His sister-in-law passed the college entrance exam and Lee failed to join the army. They agreed to get married when they were old enough.So rely on letters, the two have been in love until marriage.Since their marriage, Li and his sister-in-law have spent less time together and more time apart. The days they spent together are numbered, but more often they are sad and miss each other thousands of kilometers apart.Li monitor knew that his wife in the hometown how not easy, while working, but also have to take care of the two old people and children in the family, weekdays in the home things are also his wife in the process, so, in the heart of Li monitor always feel unworthy of his wife, unworthy of the family.Therefore, every year when family members come to the team and leave to visit relatives, is the couple’s most cherished days.In order to let his wife have more rest, Li is responsible for cooking and cleaning the house every day, doing all the housework, big and small.One year, we returned to the army after seven months of training in Anhui.Considering that the non-commissioned officers have not returned home for at least half a year, the company took the initiative to arrange military wives to visit the troops.Fortunately, my sister-in-law’s school is in summer vacation. After arranging the family affairs, my sister-in-law is happy to bring her children to the army to reunite with her husband, whom she has not seen for a long time.In that period of time, every time after dinner, we can see the squad leader Li and his wife together holding their children’s hands, a family of three in the military playground of the warm picture.Train meet blink of an eye, family to team day arrived.Sister-in-law and children have bought tickets to their hometown in Anhui province.Before leaving the first night, sister-in-law did not give up to leave a family of three together good time, she secretly hid in the bathroom to cry, happened to be this scene was li Monitor, he felt owed her too much……After a sleepless night, Li finally decided to ask for leave from his company for four days to send his wife and children back to their hometown in Anhui province.Li thought that his wife had paid too much for the family in normal days. Now he would send them back together, so that they could stay longer on the road and at least let his wife and children go back happily.Please leave, Li monitor decided to give his wife an unexpected surprise, ready to secretly keep up with the train, in the carriage to a chance encounter.So a family of three came to the railway station, after the farewell, sister-in-law took the children on the train, then, pretending to leave after li monitor with sunglasses followed the bus.Half an hour later, Mr. Li, wearing sunglasses, approached his sister-in-law and pretended to ask, “Hello, can I sit down here?”Hearing the voice, his sister-in-law burst into tears and his son jumped into lee s arms.Although the story seems a little old-fashioned, it is definitely a true event.Now, Li has retired to his hometown for many years, and his wife also gave birth to two children.Originality is not easy, your attention is “Double Ninth Story” to continue to create power.