What is the custom of “biting spring on the ninth day” in northern China?The answer to ant New Village

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Ant new Village title: What is the custom of “Biting spring on the ninth day” in northern China?A, eat turnip B, eat sweet potato although today many people are over the lunar New Year holiday back to work, but not around is still in the fifteenth day of the New Year holiday, big NianChuJiu commonly known as the god, also in the traditional custom is the birthday of the jade emperor of heaven, in the folk saying “seven out of eight, no return on nine”, probably mean the seventh don’t go out to do something,People who go out on the eighth day should not return home and start to do anything on the ninth day. In many northern areas, there is a custom of “biting spring” before going out to do business on the ninth day.So-called bite spring is spring throttle a custom, our country folk in the spring the day have to eat spring rolls, ripening, and the custom of the radish, ancient vendors will be on this day the alleys hawking “turnip” pear “, many even difficult family will buy his children in this day radish, folk also have a saying called “bite grassroots, Pepsi can do”,In addition, some places will also hold temple fairs, and the protagonist of the temple fair is radish, so these temple fairs are also called “radish fair”. In fact, in addition to radish, some places are more based on coarse grain, mainly to clean up the stomach and intestines during the Spring Festival.In summary, the answer of this period ant manor is “Xuwen county”.I hope that when you get the “3 villagers”, you can also click “like” and send a one-button three-link to the small editor (hard everyone).