When buying pears, it is a mistake to choose only a large one. Remember these four points and you can choose one accurately

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Hello, everyone, I am yuan Yuan every day for you to share practical tips in life, pay attention to Yuan Yuan, learn a life tips every day, make your life more convenient and quick.Time flies and the dry winter season is coming, which is the best time to replenish water by eating juicy fruit, and among the fruits, juicy pears are a good choice.Pear has sufficient moisture and nutrition, and sweet crisp refreshing, can be very good for us to replenish water, in the throat dry uncomfortable, pear on the voice and nourishing protection.But not all pears are delicious. Some are juicy and crunchy, while others are bland and rough. So how do you pick a fresh, crunchy pear?Today, Yuanyuan will share with you 4 tips for choosing pears that are sweet and juicy.1, look at the pear navel when we buy oranges, will always be divided into male and female to choose, generally choose female oranges to choose, in fact, there is also this kind of argument to buy pears.Generally speaking, female pears absorb more sunlight and nutrients, they are slightly larger and taste sweeter, so it is best to choose female pears. So how can you tell which ones are female pears?Look at the bottom of the pear, that is, we can tell the navel of the pear, the female pear this place is generally sunken, and the male pear is slightly raised, a bit like the shape of a flower.The skin of a pear can also reflect the sweetness of the pear.If the pear has a smooth skin, it has been younger, thinner skin and sweeter flesh.The pear skin with very rough epidermis is thicker commonly, the time that places is long, water diversion was lost, eat to be able to compare acerbity.It’s also best to look for pears with yellow skins, which means they get more light and are higher in sugar.No matter what fruit you buy, it’s always a good idea to choose the heavier one.Heavier weight means more water, which makes it sweeter to eat.If you see a pear that’s the same size but lighter, it’s a sign that it’s been sitting a little longer, and the water inside has evaporated over time, making it less crispy and juicier to eat.4. Look at the shape of a pear When we are choosing something, we tend to choose something that looks good, and this method is also very useful for picking a pear.The shape of delicious pears are generally quite round, bright and shiny skin.And the pear is not very neat, because the growth is not evenly exposed to light, nutrition and water is insufficient, so it leads to the shape of the pear deformity.How to store pears?Pears are very easy to bad fruit, as long as the skin is a little black, then the pulp inside the pear also began to deteriorate and decay, and if improperly preserved, pears are easy to deteriorate within three or four days, so the bought pear must be well preserved, in order to place for a longer time, then how to store pears?1, refrigerated refrigerator temperature is generally low, and is a constant temperature environment, very suitable for the storage of pears, low temperature can slow down the rate of pear decay, but remember to set the temperature to -1°C to 1°C, it is best not to exceed 5 degrees, too low temperature will put the pear frostbite.Don’t wash pears before putting them in. Pears have a layer of naturally occurring wax that protects them from invading bacteria and pests. If washed with water, the wax will easily destroy the pears and make them rot faster.2, newspaper preservation if the temperature is low, we can put the pear placed in the room temperature environment, but placed with newspapers or soft paper respectively wrapped each pear, and then packed in cartons, put in a more ventilated and cool place.Newspapers can keep the pears out of contact with the air and prevent them from oxidizing, but if the weather warms up, remember to take them out and store them in the fridge.Today yuan Yuan to share here, we know how to choose a fresh sweet pear?Yuanyuan shares some tips for life every day. If you think yuanyuan’s tips are good, please give her a thumbs-up.You can also readily forward, let more people learn simple and practical life tips, we will see you next time.