“Dian Renjie” hands help police quickly crack a traffic hit-and-run case

2022-06-10 0 By

Recently, Yuanjiang County Public Security Bureau Ganzhuang police station using “Dian Renjie” artificial intelligence police experts quickly cracked a traffic hit-and-run case, timely for the masses to recover the loss.(accident vehicle) February 15 at 17:00, Ganzhuang police station received the area of the masses Mr. Han called the police, its parked in ganzhuang street farmers market after the car was hit, the accident vehicle has escaped.After receiving the police, the police through the peripheral video surveillance, and the use of “Dian Renjie” artificial intelligence police expert system for analysis, quickly found the hit-and-run driver Yi.After the inquiry, yi mou to its traffic accident after the fact of driving away confessed.At present, the case has been handed over to the traffic police brigade for further handling.Source: Ganzhuang police Station Editor: Li Xian Rector: Pu Song review: Zhang Guoping