Erin Andersen’s fairy tale skin comes with an unexpected quality, and the lace dress is lovely

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Hello, I’m Dumb.Aileen this hero is currently king of glory in the only mage archer, so her way of loading and general archer is not the same, in the beginning to redo the line, a lot of players did not find the strength of Aileen, after a period of contact, Aileen’s gameplay has been slowly developed by everyone.As Irene’s gameplay became more and more mature, more players found it powerful and it was also known as one of the T0 level shooters, so Irene’s remake was very successful.This time, the new skin was given directly to Irene, and the quality was quite surprising, as most players thought Irene’s first new skin would be a brave one.The full details of the new skin have been revealed, so without further ado, let’s take a look at Erin’s new skin.First, let’s get to know the theme of Irene’s new skin, which is based on a classic Hans Christian Andersen story called the Determined Tin Soldier.Overall image I think watching or like a little princess, in the aspect of design retained the Irene fairy wings, Irene directly to arrange a set of dress, the dress design, plus a little lace the overall clothing design is very detail and very delicate, such as highlighted bowknot between the waist, lace patterns such as wings.In terms of the entrance movements, the ballet dancer fell in love with the tin soldier, so there were various scenes of Irene and the tin soldier walking through the forest and crossing the sea.Now that we know about heroes, let’s take a look at the special effects of this skin.The main elements of special effects are also made around the story, and the color aspect is also colorful, very dazzling.Even the normal attack has a long colorful trailing effect, including passive enhancement normal attack is also excellent and greatly improves the quality of this skin, since normal attack effect is the one Irene uses most often.Effects of the skill is very interesting, the first is to release the tin heart arrows, then music box in the specified position in the scene, the edge of the in this scenario, you can see Irene and tin soldiers rushed to each other, this design is very interesting, but also in their head and cloud, the effects of surrounding some elements such as fences, small house,The overall effect is also colorful.The special effects of the two skills are relatively simple. In the process of release, Irene will rotate around, and then there will be a lot of Macaron bubble balls around Irene, as well as some effect of sprinkling star dust, and at the same time, several colorful light around.The third skill is also Irene’s output skill. After opening it, ordinary attacks cannot be used, so the special effects of this skill must be more perfect, so as to show the uniqueness of the big move.At the moment of initiation, Irene’s wings spread and become larger, and a large lace phalanx appears under her feet, as well as twinkling stars and ribbons surrounding Irene.The simple answer is that Irene is dancing, which is a pretty good production.This is a normal epic skin that will be available on April 8. It will only cost 710 points in the first week. As the first advanced skin of Aileen, players who like Aileen can still consider it, after all, valkyries need 150 rose hearts, which is harder to collect.Summary: this is king of Glory’s first Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale series of skin, although not limited skin, but the overall image and special effects are very outstanding, colorful special effects are very dazzling, like Irene players can start.Ok, that’s all for this article. Do you have any other views?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.