Participate in ice and snow sports do not “streaking” recommended to buy special accident insurance

2022-06-10 0 By

New Express news reporter Lin Guanghao reported that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, athletes are fighting, people outside the competition to participate in the enthusiasm of ice and snow sports.Affected by this, the recent accident insurance sales including skiing and other high-risk sports increased significantly.New Express reporters visited guangzhou ice and snow sports venues found that these venues provide insurance in different ways, the content of protection has its own focus.Experts and industry insiders have given advice on whether consumers should buy extra insurance when participating in snow sports and what kind of insurance they should buy.Ice and snow sports insurance is very necessary although it is a weekday afternoon, the reporter in Guangzhou Tianhe District binghewan really ice rink to see, ice people coming and going, very lively.A citizen who plans to try skating said to the reporter, “I usually have a long-term accident insurance, but I don’t know whether it covers related sports, high-risk sports or not ‘running naked’.”Another citizen with three years of skating experience told reporters: “It is ok to wear good protective gear before skating, and rarely take the initiative to buy insurance.”Ice River Staff said that accident insurance is included in the ticket, and consumers can be compensated up to 5,000 yuan if they are injured while skating, with a deductible limit of 100 yuan.But for the specific insurance liability terms, the staff said it was not convenient to disclose.At guangzhou Sunac Snow World in Huadu District, a staff member told reporters that ski tickets do not include insurance, and consumers can buy one-day insurance covered by PICC property Insurance, with a premium of 9.9 yuan.Insurance industry analysis pointed out that stadiums and gymnasiums will be configured with public liability insurance, used to transfer the risk of consumer injury caused by the negligence of the operator.This person reminds, if the consumer is caused by personal reasons sports injury, may not be able to obtain compensation, before participating in ice and snow sports special configuration accident insurance is necessary.With people’s enthusiasm for participating in snow and ice sports rising, the insurance rate of related insurance products is also rising.As of Feb. 9, sales of accident insurance, which covers high-risk sports such as skiing, were up about 70% from the same period last year, and sales are expected to continue to rise during the Winter Olympics, said an official at Ping An’s Guangdong branch.The reporter noted that the general accident insurance usually skiing, skating as “high risk sports”, thus in the liability exemption clause to explain its exclusion coverage.That is to say, the death that brings about because of skiing, skating or disable, insurance company will not assume insurance responsibility.At present, there are many insurance products on the market for ice and snow travel sports.Picc property Insurance has “ice and snow travel insurance” with additional expansion of high-risk sports insurance, which is 6 yuan for 3 days, and the insurance amount of accidental medical expenses is 20,000 yuan.Zhongan insurance has “Sports Accident free insurance” covering snow and ice sports accident protection.How to better buy ice and snow sports insurance, experts and industry insiders remind to pay attention to the following points: whether the sport is exempt from liability;Part of the insurance needs to be delayed to take effect, so pay attention to purchase in advance to ensure that the exercise time within the insurance period;There are many cases of fracture and dislocation in ice and snow sports, which can be selected to provide high-end rescue services;Injury treatment may use imported steel nail plate, can choose to reimburse a wider range of accidental medical insurance;The risk of personal injury and property loss caused by an individual to a third party in ice and snow sports is high, so you can choose products that provide personal liability protection.