Publicizing police | legend Zhang Ruiliang, director at the local level

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“I have so many stories. I’ll tell you some that are impressive.”This is the first thing zhang Ruiliang said to me when I interviewed him.March 22, MY colleagues and I came to Luanping County, according to the arrangement of “publicity police grass-roots”, interview this veteran police experience quite rich.Zhang Ruiliang current zhongxing road luanping county public security bureau police station, their hometown in fengning county, CongJing in 28 years, dealt with the size of the case of more than 5800 cases, has won a merit citation class ii, class four times as many times the province outstanding police chief, the outstanding people’s police in the city, top ten people’s police, the city’s top ten policemen of political science and law, outstanding people’s police in hebei province and other honorary titles.But before joining the police, Zhang ruiliang was a veterinarian.After graduating from technical secondary school in 1989, Zhang Ruiliang became a veterinarian in the animal husbandry station of the Sikou Township government in Fengning County. He worked steadily and diligently, without too many surprises and waves in his life. He never thought a phone call changed his fate.It was a winter morning in 1992.Zhang Ruiliang, who was on duty at the office, received an emergency call from the county public Security Bureau, asking the township government to help intercept a fugitive in Huangqi Town.Zhang Ruiliang was only 22 years old at that time, after learning this matter immediately ran to the police station, with the police rushed to the bus station inventory past passengers.”Around 10 am, I was checking on a bus when I saw a man wearing a flat cap,” Zhang recalled. “In those days it was fashionable to wear flat caps, but not many people wore them.I noticed that the man had his hat pressed very low, and the description matched the notice. I thought it was suspicious, so I went up and pressed him there.”It was verified that this man was the escaped prisoner.The story of catching fugitives soon spread to the county, county public security bureau chief asked him: at that time harm not afraid, Zhang Ruiliang said: not afraid, director asked again: want to be a police, Zhang Ruiliang shy but have firm said: I would like to!I’d love to!In this way, Zhang Ruiliang was transferred to fengning County Sikou police station work, become a people’s police.Zhang Ruiliang in FengNing CongJing days, who participated in the FengNing p only time in history, the bandit and the police began to harvest the first class of life, directly involved in fengning county public security bureau for the first time series “climb building horde of burglaries”, for the first time solve drugs former plant in forests or mountains, also received a medal and a medal.It is not only luck that makes so many achievements, but also courage and responsibility that dare to take risks.At around 6 o ‘clock in the morning of July 26, 2017, a man with a gas cylinder rushed to the Fengning County Dage Town police station Shouting. Zhang Ruiliang, who was the head of the dage Town police station at the time, was off duty and quickly returned to the police station.When the fire engines and ambulances all arrived, the police station was filled with the smell of gas.In an emergency, Zhang Ruiliang quietly around the police station backyard, through the rear window of the duty room to observe the indoor situation, see the man holding a police officer on the first floor of the duty room, the mood is more manic, may be out of control at any time to detonate the gas tank.At this time, the situation has not allowed Zhang Ruiliang detailed deployment, must be decisively disposed of.Zhang Ruiliang took a pick, while the man was not prepared, quickly rushed into the duty room, the man saw a slight hesitation, unscrew the valve, ready to ignite, at this moment, Zhang Ruiliang hit him, the lighter was knocked off, the gas tank was quickly robbed out of the outdoor.So far, the malign case of a deliberate explosion gets satisfactory disposal.At this point, Zhang Ruiliang said: “The situation at that time, do not allow you to think too much!Kidnapped police young inexperienced, and haven’t married, really something, this life is over!”During the interview, Zhang Ruiliang showed me three notebooks on his desk. He said that since the police, he has been keeping summaries. These three notebooks are a work diary, a meeting minutes and a study note.Only in the work of learning to record, in order to summarize the experience, like this book, up to now has recorded nearly 100 books.Zhang Ruiliang took the lead in implementing the police operation mode of “one room and two teams” during his tenure as the director of the Da Ge Town police Station of Fengning County Public Security Bureau, successfully striving to establish the first-level police station of the Ministry of Public Security. On this basis, he constantly improved the hardware and software conditions, strengthened the professional quality of the auxiliary police, and rectified the work style.Dage Town police Station was selected as the provincial “Fengqiao Police Station” and the city’s excellent grassroots unit in 2019.After being transferred to the Zhongxing Road Police Station of Luanping County, he still carried out the police operation mode of “one room and two teams”, which made the police force configuration more scientific, the responsibilities of police officers more clear, the professional team room more prominent, and the police operation more efficient.And put forward the “four catch” working mode, namely, scratching team, grasp, to prevent blow, service, strictly grasp team management, planning the work earnestly, in just more than a year of time, zhongxing road police station team face had the very big promotion, auxiliary police have the vigor, the office has greatly improved living facilities, within the business have a new start,Got all levels of leadership and the area of the masses of praise.Zhang Ruiliang has his own set of ideas and methods to solve the problems of the masses.District residents name of cao a brother and sister, because of job placement problem have disputes over the years, a Zhang Ruiliang after that, detailed understanding of their situation, communicate actively about meet them many times, both speak place according to the policy, and talk about the facts to make friends, and in the future of, in addition to actively take the initiative to help them solve some practical difficulties in the home, moved their highly,Finally untangle the knot in my heart.Facing the crowd, Zhang Ruiliang said: “I have a bowl of water in my hand, floating floating (local dialect, metaphoric bowl full of water), the water will be spilled wherever you tilt your hand!Handling the affairs of the masses is just like this bowl of water.Only when a bowl of water is flat in your work can the masses trust you and accept you;Only when the masses trust you and trust you, can you communicate with them and make friends with them.”Toward the end of the interview, I asked Mr. Zhang if he could evaluate himself.”A lot of people ask me, ‘Why do you work so hard all day?I say I what also don’t plan, I stem the work to live up to the top of the head of the police badge, live up to the masses of our police to give high hopes, as long as the public praise is good, I am satisfied!”End words | | mulberry field compiled album zhang qing wen audits | zhan-dong wang