“Champion” watermelons planted in large areas of Xinjiang can mature in mid-June

2022-06-11 0 By

In March, the weather warms up, which is the key period of watermelon seedling transplanting.Recently, in xinjiang Jianjianbintuan 7 tuan 8 Lian watermelon field, melon farmers are busy planting the last batch of watermelon seedlings, planting seeds of hope for this year’s bumper harvest.Into the seven groups of eight even watermelon planting field, a verdant watermelon seedlings neatly arranged, melon farmers are busy in the film has been covered with a good film planting watermelon seedlings, watering topdressing, the scene of a busy spring working scene.”This year, we used the” champion “brand of seedlings, and we have 50,000 seedlings. The seedlings are very good, and we can make a lot of money when we plant them.”Seven group worker Stone foot forest said cheerfully.It is understood that the first crop of “champion” watermelon seedlings in the seventh league and eighth Company have been transplanted in early March. At present, the transplantation of 40 mu of watermelon land has been basically completed, and 50,000 watermelon seedlings have entered the growth stage successively. It is expected that the champion watermelon will be mature and listed in the middle of June.(Dong Shaobin, Cao Qingchao)