Fabulous!Spring breeze blowing temperature rise, Jinan Wulong Pool and Baotu Spring bank of plum blossom

2022-06-11 0 By

Spring breeze temperature rises, wulongtan and Baotu spring bank of the plum blossom blossom, white, pink, red, a blossoming standing branches contend for strange douyan, with brilliant smiling face to meet to clap mei, the tourist who appreciate mei.Plum blossom metaphor for the messenger of spring, every spring comes, the world is full of soft and warm breath, plum blossom to their sincere welcome brilliant spring.Baotuquan Park seal pool east, luyuan folk culture street leisurely pavilion opposite, are more concentrated in the park to watch the plum blossom.Whether it is to the corridor, or to the spring, you can smell the fragrance of plum blossom.To stay in the brilliant spring, once a lone, proud and straight plum blossom, without the least jealousy, but very pleased to hide in the spring.Photography: Li Feng Photography: Li Feng source: Comprehensive love Jinan news client