James Harden is no. 1 on the national trending list, Embiid is Posting a graphic, and Turner is being chased by the Nets

2022-06-11 0 By

On February 11, the biggest story in the NBA was undoubtedly James Harden’s departure. According to woJ and Shams, the two sides have reached an agreement: Nets out: Harden, Millsap, 76ers out:Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Draymond, 2 first round picks in terms of numbers, the Nets are undoubtedly the most profitable side, not only welcomed 3 players, but also got the first round pick, the 76ers seem to send a lot, but the main framework did not move, the specific effect of how, we have to wait for the subsequent games.For now, the Nets are still looking for more leverage, and they’re holding on to two first-round picks, so, according to NBA reporter Evan Massey, the Nets are interested in trading for Pacers center Myles Turner.The Pacers have been trying to rebuild, and two first-round picks are attractive enough to make a deal impossible.As Chris Haynes reported later, Ben Simmons has said he likes the deal and has spoken with Durant, and sources say they are now on the same page.Harden became a national sensation on the day, with his entry topping the nation’s top trending topic within 10 minutes and everyone talking about the crazy trade.Sixers star Joel Embiid posted a thoughtful black photo on social media after learning that Simmons, Steph Curry and Trang were being shipped out and Harden was joining the team.In the photo, the elder brother is wearing cool sunglasses and a leather suit, with a half-smile on his face.Now the sixers starting lineup is basically set: Maxie, Harden, Sable, Harris, Embiid.When it comes to handling this talented, experienced, championship-caliber team, it’s up to Rivers.Guys, who do you think makes more money on the 76ers or nets trade?Finally, it’s a shame that the Big three have played 32 minutes together in 16 games over two seasons.Thank you for reading, wish you bright eyes ~