Premier League Newcastle united VS Everton Newcastle winter window 100 million reinforcement, the new signings can make an immediate impact?

2022-06-11 0 By

Everton and Newcastle are two of the most obvious additions to the winter window, but Newcastle’s new signings are of significantly better quality.Mainly everton’s reinforcement is more concentrated, are basically in the midfield, Van der Beek and Ali are midfield players, the role of overlap, Al Ghazi is injured for a long time, these three new players even in this game debut, but the improvement of Everton is actually relatively limited.Dan Bourne is the core of Brighton’s defence, Tripper is currently an England international and Taggart is also villa’s main left-back. The addition of three players will improve Newcastle’s defence.Guimarais is also a player that many people often use in Football Manager games. His characteristics are strong dribbling and straight stuffing, and he is very suitable for the speed players like SAN Marco Seaman and Almiron in front court.Newcastle have also been in good form in their last three games, with one win and two draws, and could improve even further with the arrival of several new signings.They also have a good record against Everton, who are unbeaten in their last three games with two wins and a draw, and have lost just one of their last six games, and can still win against the Toffees even if their record is low.