Deliberately hide the itinerary, 2 people were placed on file for investigation!

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According to hangzhou at 13:00 today, Ning and Dang came to Hangzhou from high-risk areas outside the province on April 5, and deliberately concealed their itinerary during the investigation by epidemic prevention workers, causing the risk of social communication, which has been placed on file for investigation by Shangcheng District Public Security Bureau according to law.From 0:00 to 11:00 on 6 April, a novel coronavirus asymptomatic infection was reported in Hangzhou.Asymptomatic infected person 1: a person from another province who has been tracked and brought into centralized isolation and tested positive for nucleic acid has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and is in stable condition.The public places involved in Hangzhou are as follows: April 5th: K1805 train (no. 2 carriage, no seat).April 5:6 to 35 points, 9 25 points, respectively, into the railroad building negative when the first floor near the nucleic acid testing point public toilets (lady) 7 31 points into the city station square parity supermarket at 37 points into the city hualian supermarket at 10 09 points into the station square century city station of line 1 metro station, via turn near jiang subway line 4 to Jiang Jin road subway station, November 12 separate station.Enter Hangzhou Mixc at 11:17 PM (Fuchun Road, Shangcheng District) 11:40-21 PM at Hangzhou Raffles Center (Xinye Road, Shangcheng District).Those who overlap with the above activities should report to their communities (villages) immediately and cooperate with the implementation of corresponding epidemic control measures.On April 5, due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, The operation of Yintai City and Hangzhou Raffles were temporarily suspended to cooperate with epidemic prevention.According to orange Persimmon interactive reporter on the morning of June 6, according to the government’s epidemic prevention requirements, the west of yintai City has completed nucleic acid tests for all employees yesterday, today suspended business for one day, tomorrow will resume.In addition, hangzhou Raffles latest news is: last night has done related elimination, today normal business.Source: “Hangzhou Release” wechat official account, Metropolis Express Supervisor: Liu Hao Editor: Su Yue process editor: Yan Shengmiao