Genting S6.5 strong lineup, challenger double C is still popular, two new five fee cards are dad

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The S6.5 version of Genting Chess has been tested for more than a week. Next week, the US test will be launched in China, and then the S6.5 version of Genting Chess will really come. Xiaofian has been testing the new version after the S6.5 landing in the US test, and now it has been tried for nearly a week.Although the values of fetters and heroes are constantly changing and adjusting during this period, the version of the final prototype has already begun to take shape.Today xiaobian on the combination of this week’s trial play, to introduce you to the new version of the strong hero and lineup.First of all, the next version may become a strong or paper strength of the strongest bond challenger, although the bond effect of the challenger has not changed much, but the designer has added two big C to the challenger, respectively is the barbram King of the three fee card and the four fee card Delevin, although Yongen has become the past,But the two new C bits are no less powerful than the ones removed from Younon and Shamira.The fetters of the three feka barbarian king are challenger and Alchemy technology, and both fetters have a certain attack speed bonus for the hero, so barbarian king only needs to carry some high burst output gear, with the five alchemy technology four challenger fetters, will be able to hit the good damage in the lineup.Alchemical Challenger Barbarian king has always been a very good cast in the test server, as long as the official server does not turn Barbarian King into a dog, this cast will definitely be a good one in 6.5.In addition delevin plus three deacons with the four challengers plus the bodyguard lineup, the intensity is also very high.Delevin is still the strength of the table output unlimited high hero, with deacon feet if coupled with deacon VIP Delevin’s bonus, the full map unlimited attack distance, then the strength will certainly let countless players surprised off the chin, so the next version of this lineup will certainly be hot.Ministers said, will have to mention the special representative, deacon except DE levin and 1 card inside fire male, although the fire man is as strong as it last version, but the clerk VIP fire men can make the hero release skills a throw two fireball, is equivalent to double fire damage of male,In the United States to test a feka fire male plus deacon VIP bonus, carrying a blue BUFF plus the law strong equipment, is also a powerful spell machine gun, is a very strong bet a feka lineup.Also must say two new members of the implement of genting five card ze li and Mr Cole, the fetters of ze li is the deacons and being god, with ze li to join the new version being significantly enhance strength of god, to the late ze li carry method, and restoration to the damage inside the team played well and restoring ability, if the board game just can make the VIP ze li,Congratulations, you are almost invincible in this game, because the deacon’s VIP boost to Zeli is that once zeli releases her ability, her energy is at full capacity, which means that zeli releases her ability until she dies, which is a horrible battery to think about.Another is exclusive to genting hero cole, the hero is a hero to cooperate with the attack rate flow especially good, his release to hero skills can provide a certain amount of life value and the attack rate, the second card seacole, can provide the attack rate of 150% above, think there is a very terrible, but such as the use of formal clothing online after everyone for his more discreet,As for what exactly the reason here small make up to sell a mystery, we are confident to explore.