Hooray for security!”Rule of Law Daily” front page report wuhan Ping an construction experience

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On February 14, 2022, The Rule of Law Daily reported the construction experience of Wuhan Ping an on the front page.The original version of the manuscript is published as follows: On February 14, 2022, the radio order of the important news on the front page of The Rule of Law Daily was issued. Within one minute, 7 forces including special police, armed police, traffic police and railway police were assembled in the designated area.This is a drill scene of anti-terrorism and anti-riot platform joint prevention and control work at the square in front of wuchang District Public Security Sub-station of Wuchang Railway Station.Efficient linkage, resource integration, drew praise from the crowd.”Like” means to applaud the sense of security.In 2021, Hubei was rated as an excellent province in national Peace construction for the 17th consecutive year, and people’s sense of security reached a new high of 98.64%.Wuhan, Yichang, Jingzhou city and Shayang, Jiayu, Luotian County were awarded the “Chang ‘an Cup”, the number of awards the first in the country;Eight localities were awarded the honor of being among the first batch of model counties in the national petition work, ranking first in the country.The safe and stable social environment has built a solid foundation for the high quality development of Hubei province.In 2019, Hubei’s economic output reached 4 trillion yuan for the first time.In 2020, hubei’s economic output stood at a new level of 5 trillion yuan in 2021, ranking seventh in China and making decisive achievements in post-epidemic recovery.Behind the achievements, Hubei sticks to overall planning of safety and development, builds a “big safety” work pattern, and strives to “transform from risk disposal to risk prevention, from risk loss reduction to risk risk reduction, and from single risk to comprehensive risk response”.We will never let potential risks turn into real risks or real risks turn into real hazards, so as to promote the construction of Ping an Hubei to a higher level.Information leads to guns, drugs, injured officers, suspects on the run.On the evening of July 22, 2021, Honghu, Jingzhou reported information of a major criminal case.After receiving the report, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Department “situation refers to the attendance” integration special class quickly launched the provinces and counties (team) four levels of public security organs cluster operations, video consultation and research, Jingzhou, Wuhan and other places of the police coordinated action.Through the comparison of information and data collision, the integrated special team judged 30 major clues, and timely issued a notice of assistance to prevent suspects from escaping out of the province.Thirty-six hours later, four suspects were arrested in Wuhan.”Follow melons and touch rattan”, the integrated special team studied and analyzed the relationship between the people involved and the data of links around the online and offline lines, dug down 8 drug-related gangs and captured 156 people.In view of the hidden dangers and loopholes in this case, the Public Security Department of Hubei Province again launched a heavy fist, focusing on the “drug, gun, fraud, gambling, prostitution” prominent criminal organizations to carry out a six-month “7·25” crackdown special action, fighting, prevention, management, control and construction simultaneously, eradicate the soil for crime, squeeze the space for crime.Aiming at improving the initiative and precision of the attack, Hubei has made great efforts to break through the barriers of levels, police and regions, build an operational mechanism of integration of intelligence, command, service and public opinion, and build a closed-loop workflow of “research, delivery, handling, supervision and knot”, striving to achieve “the enemy moves me and the prophet does not move”.The murder suspect from another province drove into the district, an hour was rounded up and captured.Netizens live broadcast the suicide on Weibo. Within 30 minutes, police broke the door and rescued him.Citizens were cheated 200,000 yuan, “one-button stop payment” second-level response, 3 minutes to complete the freezing of funds.Hubei will be included in the provincial party committee “refers to regular chariot” integration key reform projects, introduced the about promoting the province “refers to regular chariot” integrated operation mechanism reform Build great security pattern of the implementation opinions “, relying on the provincial party committee “peace do + 12 special group” and counterterrorism, electrical fraud, drugs, such as joint meeting mechanism, play a leading role information intelligence,We will create a security environment in which party committees assume leadership, the government assumes primary responsibility, public security takes the initiative, and government departments coordinate their efforts.Pooling resources Two drivers got into a fistfight over a parking dispute.High school students hit their father on the head with an umbrella after seeing him being bullied.After receiving the police, The Baibuting police Station of Wuhan Public Security Bureau invited Chen Lichang, the chief mediator of the station, to intervene.”There are minors involved and seven people from five families behind this.”Chen lichang said.Through the joint mediation of the police and the people, the two sides reached a settlement and avoided the escalation of the conflict.Hubei Provincial Party Committee proposed to adhere to and develop the “Fengqiao experience” in the new era, further improve the investigation and resolution mechanism of conflicts and disputes, “matching authority, hierarchical responsibility, diversified resolution”, and implement the resolution responsibility one by one.Provincial party committee requirements, local action.Hanyang District of Wuhan took the lead in establishing a one-stop diversified dispute resolution center integrating mediation, litigation, adjudication and review, and organized 208 community workers to learn from the class, expanding and strengthening the five-level diversified dispute resolution system of “district-level grand alliance – street headquarters – Community war room – Community bridgehead – building sentinel”.In Hejia town, Yunxi County, Shiyan City, there is a “special line for party secretary’s letters and visits”. When people have appeals, a phone call or a text message goes directly to the main leaders of the party and government in towns and townships, eliminating the situation that “appeals have no door, difficulties have no answer” and curbing the rise of conflicts.Lichuan city of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture took the lead in exploring the establishment of a “fast handling Center for enterprise-related legal issues” to solve enterprise-related legal problems and disputes in a one-stop manner.Hubei also unceasingly consummate the peace of the rule of law in hubei province of the construction of the leading system, working system and working mechanism, job security, city, county and township levels are established the leading group for safe construction and office, the township streets with optimal with the committee of political science and law, the villages and towns, streets safe run to achieve full coverage of political science and law, ZongZhi (grid) center construction of “four one” steady progress.Luotian County of Huanggang city and Anhui Province border, adhere to the “before disease” prevention, establish the “eight-link” as the core of the “inter-provincial joint prevention” mechanism, build a mass prevention and treatment “guard project”, to achieve border harmony and stability.Shayang County of Jingmen city has the second largest prison community in China. More than 10 prisons in Jingmen city have explored and established the “five communist prisons” mode with the local government, which is based on “discussing important matters, sharing responsibilities, sharing information, coordinating conflicts and promoting governance”, and gradually solved the problems of contradictions and disputes in prison and integrated development.Xiaogan should always adhere to the prevention of the city, 17 towns to help the masses to resolve conflicts “only into a door, only run a place”, “zero case” village 95%, “zero case” units up to 98%.In 2021, Hubei launched a special campaign to investigate and resolve conflicts and disputes, and mass incidents in the province decreased by 60.9% year on year, with minor incidents occurring in villages and major incidents occurring in towns, conflicts basically solved in counties and major risks controlled in cities.Controlling the two communities with the largest police situation at the source has become the starting point of promoting the professional reform of community police in Xiangyang.In November 2021, Xiangyang Municipal Public Security Bureau piloted the implementation of full-time community policing in two communities, in which the community police officers did not receive police at the police station, participate in duty preparation, and do not handle public security cases and criminal cases across the jurisdiction.In one month, the two communities investigated and dealt with public security cases and mediated disputes, up 20% and 21.3% year on year, while the number of police cases decreased 46.9% year on year.Taste the sweetness, Xiangyang to promote 515 community police all full-time, auxiliary police professional village.Construction of safety, emphasis on the grassroots, more inseparable from job security.Hubei province adheres to the guidance of strengthening the base, promotes the strengthening of working forces such as township (sub-district) political and legal affairs offices (peace offices), comprehensive medical treatment centers, police stations, judicial offices, people’s courts and dispatched procurators’ offices, implements the principle of “one resident (village), one police officer (auxiliary police), one village (community), one legal adviser”, and equips the director of governance and adjustment of strong villages (community).By holding the Chang ‘an Cup three times, Wuhan has explored new ways of social governance in megacities, implemented a risk assessment system for social stability, encouraged 10,000 police officers to enter communities and 1,000 lawyers to enter enterprises, and carried out a campaign to resolve accumulated cases, address people’s concerns, and promote harmony.Yichang also won the “Chang ‘an Cup” for three consecutive times. Yichang comprehensively carried out the pilot project of municipal social governance, strengthened grass-roots linkage, and realized that “small team services can not be out of the grid, big issues can not be solved through linkage out of the streets and towns, important matters can be connected online with judicial confirmation, and the whole process of psychological counseling and legal consultation”.It has been awarded the Chang ‘an Cup for the second consecutive year, and jingzhou’s political and legal affairs, letters and visits, and administrative departments have built platforms to integrate forces. The comprehensive governance center and the mediation center for conflicts and disputes cover the city, county, and township levels, thus becoming the ballast stone for social stability.Hubei Provincial Party Committee issued the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Modernization of Social Governance and Creating a New Situation for the Construction of Pingan Hubei, promoting the construction of Pingan Hubei to develop in depth.”We will continue to adhere to the information leading, earnestly do a good job in risk management, conflict resolution, prevention of the source of the ‘three articles’, with the pilot of municipal social governance modernization as the starting point, with practical actions for Hubei to’ build a fulcrum, take the forefront, write a new chapter ‘to create a safe and stable social environment.”Hubei provincial political and legal committee said.Source: Rule of Law Daily, Chang ‘an Hubei Editor: Shu Xiangyu Editor: Wang Yuzhu previous hot articles welcome to contribute: whzf520@163.com