Jiangxi province supply and marketing cooperatives do a good job of spring agricultural resources protection work

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At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Jiangxi Province supply and Marketing Cooperatives earnestly implement the decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, do a solid job in the spring agricultural supplies and supplies, do a good job in the production and supply of food and important agricultural products, to stabilize the overall situation of economic and social development to provide strong support.On the first day of work in the New Year, jiangxi Province supply and marketing Association issued a notice to the province’s supply and marketing system: pay close attention to procurement and transportation, enrich the supply of agricultural supplies reserves;Strictly abide by regulations to maintain the stability of agricultural materials market;Strengthen quality management, put an end to fake and shoddy products;We will develop new ways of providing services and increase the supply of agricultural supplies.At the same time, announced the system of 96 key agricultural enterprises list, accept social supervision.Jiangxi province fertilizer production enterprises product quality self-regulatory alliance also held a special meeting, demanding strict quality of chemical fertilizer products, to protect the spring farming production.Xinyu Supply and Marketing Association regards the supply of agricultural materials as an important issue related to the stability of agricultural production and the effective supply of agricultural products.At present, the stock of chemical fertilizer and other agricultural materials in the whole system reaches 3970 tons, and 3800 tons of orders were purchased in February, which can effectively meet the city’s agricultural materials demand for spring farming.The city’s supply and marketing cooperatives agricultural materials enterprises also adhere to operating at a small profit, with a ton of wholesale prices below the market price of about 200 yuan to large farmers.Shop of fenyi county city supply and marketing association fengyang each other agricultural supplies a spring will take time to contact the manufacturer and find ways to raise funds, to carry out the purchase 1500 tons of agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizers, agricultural film, and according to the years ago the planting large, farmers’ professional co-operatives order plan, delivery to the countryside, to ensure that the spring after the county grain, vegetables, watermelon and other spring production needs.Ganzhou city supply and marketing association actively respond to the current agricultural prices fluctuant range of the situation, take arrangements for early deployment, sufficient supply of goods, strict quality control and other measures to ensure the supply of agricultural products this spring.At the same time, the city’s supply and marketing system 22 spring farming for key agricultural materials enterprises to enhance the overall awareness, play an exemplary role, take the lead in stabilizing prices to ensure supply.Agricultural enterprises in the whole system have transported 34,800 tons of stored fertilizer in January, and will continue to do a good job of transportation and procurement according to the subsequent demand.The city’s Anyuan County supply and Marketing Association gives full play to the advantages of county, township and village three levels of agricultural materials management network, collect farmers on fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural film demand types, quantity and distribution requirements and other information, raise funds through multiple channels, do a good job of agricultural materials reserve.At present, 18 township outlets and 120 village-level outlets in the county reserve 12,000 tons of fertilizer, 720 tons of pesticides, 50 tons of agricultural film, 100 thousand pounds of seeds.Ningdu County supply and marketing system of the city agricultural enterprises also pay close attention to the transfer of chemical fertilizer to ensure the spring ploughing agricultural materials demand.On February 9 and 11, jiangxi daily, the People’s Daily also successively in the making-friends seize farming busy spring “the agricultural materials first and farming, reports the ganzhou city huichang supply and marketing association in-depth implementation” to storing grain bread to the ground and hiding the “deployment, in-depth to carry out the” agricultural materials anti-counterfeiting protect spring “action, to pay special attention to the spring farming preparation material reserves.At present, huichang county supply and marketing association agricultural enterprises have reserved more than 3200 tons of compound fertilizer, more than 1800 tons of organic fertilizer, more than 120 tons of film mulching, early rice seeds close to 10 thousand jin, for the county spring farming production to provide a solid guarantee.In order to better serve farmers, the Supply and Marketing Association of Huichang County has built an agricultural supplies distribution network covering 19 towns and townships in the county, including 102 village-level agricultural supplies service stations. Every day, eight vehicles travel between counties and townships to provide agricultural supplies distribution and other services benefiting farmers.Since last October, the Supply and Marketing Association of Xingan County, Ji ‘an, has supervised jinsheng, Jinjinyuan and Zhongya, three agricultural resources protection and supply enterprises, to carry out the work of preparing and storing chemical fertilizers for spring ploughing this year, organizing the procurement and transportation of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural films and other agricultural materials, reducing adverse effects such as the price rise of agricultural materials, and ensuring adequate supply of agricultural materials for spring ploughing.Up to now, the supply and marketing system of Xingan County has stored 8,370 tons of chemical fertilizer in winter, and 830 tons have been allocated to grassroots outlets to store more than 100 tons of herbicides and other pesticides.Suichuan County supply and marketing Association also requires agricultural enterprises to prepare enough agricultural materials to protect spring farming.Up to now, the supply and marketing cooperative system in Suichuan County has implemented 10,000 tons of fertilizer and 80,000 jin of seeds before spring ploughing.Micro supply and marketing ∣ WeChat ID: jxwcoop long-press and identify the qr code, and pay attention to jiangxi province supply and marketing cooperatives association website: http://gxls.jiangxi.gov.cn information submitted to the email: jxcoop@163.com organic, characteristic agricultural products supply and marketing of various electric business platform system has it all!Build a national supply and marketing network, build the rural e-commerce national team!