Lai Huideong “analects history mirror” : a word can prosper a state, can lose a state!

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Chapter 13 Chapter 15 The Duke of Ding asked, “Is there any way?”Confucius said to him, “You must not be a man of words.People say: ‘It is difficult to serve a monarch, but not to serve a minister.’If you know how difficult it is to be a king, don’t you almost say a word and start the country?”He said, “Is it possible to lose a nation in a word?”Confucius said to him, “You must not be a man of words.It is said by men, ‘To be a king without pleasure is to be a king, but to speak only and not to be disobedient,’ as if it were good and not to be disobedient, is it not good?If he is not good and does not violate, is not almost a word lost?”Duke Ding: Duke Ding of Lu, the younger brother of Duke Zhao of Lu, whose surname was Song, was the 26th monarch of Lu and reigned for 15 years.During the Spring and Autumn Period, the power of lu was controlled by the Ji Sun family, meng Sun family and Shu Sun family.Duke Zhao of Lu heard that Confucius had opened an altar to give lectures and advocated the principle of “governing the emperor and his subjects” and “benevolent governance”. He summoned Confucius and analyzed with him the internal troubles and foreign invasion of the State of Lu.Confucius suggested him to unite with the State of Qi and restore regal power internally, and formulated a series of measures.In 517 BC, duke Zhao of Lu fled to The state of Qi and then to the state of Jin.In 510 BC, Duke Zhao of Lu died in the state of Jin at the age of 51.In 510 BC, The duke of Lu Ding ascended to the throne. He often consulted Confucius on how to govern the country. In 500 BC, accompanied by Confucius, he participated in the “Valley Association” of Qi and Lu.In the tenth year of the Reign of Emperor Ding (500 BC), Confucius assisted The duke of Lu in establishing an alliance with the state of Lu.The Duke of Lu ding trusted Confucius even more and made him the chief minister of public security, in charge of internal security.Finally, Confucius got the chance to promote his political ideas of filial piety, family stability and social stability.The society of Lu is harmonious, the economy is flourishing, the country is rich and the people are strong.In the twelfth year of Ding Gong (498 BC), He ordered Zilu, Confucius’ disciple, to fall into sandu.Meng Sun said, “Chengcheng is the north gate of Lu. Once chengcheng is removed, lu’s northern border will lose its barrier, and Qi will take advantage of its advantage and seize the capital.Chengcheng is meng Sun’s guarantee, no Chengcheng, there is no Meng Sun’s “refused to fall chengcheng, set the public troops against Meng Sun’s early preparedness, failed to succeed, fell three are declared a failure.Confucius left The state of Lu because Huan Zi had accepted a female happy horse sent by the state of Qi, and because he did not share the meat of the sacrifice with Confucius when lu held a suburban festival.Fifteen years (495 BC) Ding Gong died and his son Ji Jiang ascended the throne, ai Gong of Lu.Several: case also.Also known as ji, pictographic characters were first seen in oracle bone inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty. Their ancient shape resembles a short table table.Later extended for the short table placed objects.The word “ji” was simplified and also written as “ji” (ji from si shu), which was a very small substance familiar to the ancients. The oracle bone script “shu” was composed of “ren” and “ge”, indicating that people were carrying the guard.Guard must pay attention to all subtle movement, so the word “a few” this means “hidden micro”.Such as the idiom “to see the opportunity to do”, the original “see a few and do”, from the book of Changes · Xi Ci “:” a few, moving micro, auspicious and ominous foresight also.A gentleman does what he sees, not what he sees.””Subtle” means almost, so “ji” extends to “nearly”, “almost” and so on.Also caused by the sense of “small”, “ji” can also mean an indefinite minority, such as “weji”.Few is better than none.Such as “poem · daya” : “the day of the fall brother, dimension several yi.”A few days also.Such as “poem · small elegant” : “Buer 100 fu, such as a few such as type.”A few can be table “how much”, such as “ask you how much sorrow, just like a river spring flow east”.With the change of meaning, the pronunciation of “ji”, which means “how many”, has also changed.In dealing with political affairs, the ancients advocated observing the subtle signs of things and making timely decisions, so the “several” of “subtle” in this table can also represent political affairs.In Mencius, “The king and the common should be reformed”, in which “the common” means “shang”, which is what the heart hopes.In this article, “Speech should not be its several”, in which “several” is a generic word for “machine”, meaning: speech should not be so simple and mechanical.Duke Ding of Lu asked, “Is there such a saying that a single sentence can make the nation prosperous?”The Master replied, “You cannot speak in such a simple and mechanical way. But some people say, ‘It is not easy to be a ruler, it is not easy to be a minister.’If you knew the difficulty of being a king, wouldn’t it be almost as if you could make the country prosperous in one sentence?”The Duke of Lu ding asked again, “Is there such a thing as a sentence that can subdue the state?”The Master answered, “It is not so easy to speak; but it has been said, ‘I have no pleasure in being king; I am only glad that my words are not disobeyed.’Wouldn’t it be nice if words were right and no one defied them?If you say something wrong, and no one disobeys you, isn’t that almost a word to subjugation?”A word can uplift a nation, a word can destroy it.If the ruler knows the difficulty of being a ruler well, and can be careful about it, then the phrase “being a ruler is difficult” will not immediately revive the country, but it will also be near to revive the country.If what the sovereign says is good, it is reasonable and no one dares to disobey it, then of course it is good. If it is not good and no one dares to disobey it, then, though it will not be subjugned immediately, it is already close to subjugning it.Confucius answered the two questions of Lu Ding gong. In fact, Confucius pointed out that politicians should have the heart of knowing difficult to respect things, and should have the heart of arrogant admonition.The Empress Dowager cixi, in her Sin-Self Zhao, said, “Measure the material resources of China and cultivate the favor of the state.” As a result, the Qing dynasty died.The great man said, “political power comes out of a bar of guns.” The whole country was liberated.The chief designer said that “development is the absolute truth”, and China has become rich and powerful.Zhu Yuanzhang (1328-1398) was born in Zhongli, Haozhou (now Fengyang, Anhui province).His original name was Chongba, but he changed his name to Yuan Zhang after joining the Red Scarf Army.Zhu Yuanzhang was born in a poor family. At an early age, he herded cattle for the landlord’s family to support the family.In a plague, father, mother and eldest brother died.Lonely and helpless, Zhu Yuanzhang became a monk in huang Jue Temple.There was no one in the temple to alms, so Zhu Yuanzhang had to go out to stray and beg.In 1352, the rebels led by Guo Zixing occupied Hao Zhou. After zhu Yuanzhang received a letter from Xiao Tang He, he joined Guo Zixing’s Red Turbans.Just to the gate of the barracks, suspected spies, just guo Zixing passed by, saved him, became his own cronies.Although Zhu Yuanzhang was born poor and humble, he knew the importance of learning and studied very hard.He was also very brave in the battlefield, and guo Zixing was so highly regarded that he betrothed his adopted daughter to Zhu Yuanzhang, later queen Ma.Zhu yuanzhang made his fortune from then on.In 1355, When Guo Zixing died, Zhu Yuanzhang led his army south and captured Nanjing.He formulated the strategy of “building walls high, accumulating grain widely and slowly becoming king” and expanded his sphere of influence.In 1363, defeated Chen Youliang in Poyang Lake.A few years later, Zhu yuanzhang eliminated Zhang Shicheng.Then shouted out “drive out Hurupp, restore China, Chen Ji, relief si min” the slogan sent army northern expedition.In the first month of 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang proclaimed himself emperor in Yingtianfu (today’s Nanjing), and his kingdom name was Ming.In August of the same year, Emperor Yuanshun fled to the Upper capital and the Yuan dynasty was finally overthrown.After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang conferred great merit, fighting the world is like starting a business, followers also want to share the pie to attract.There were seven who were conferred the title of duke and twenty-eight who were conferred the title of marquis. Meritorious soldiers and soldiers also received awards.Then why did Zhu Yuanzhang later kill the founding minister who accompanied him to fight the world?First of all, it is their own problem.One thing emperors have in common is paranoia.Afraid that others will rob their position, meritorious cover the Lord, not afraid of their imperial power.Zhu Yuanzhang set up “jin Yi Wei”, is used to monitor the court officials.Hu Weiyong and LAN Yu rebellion are good examples.Secondly, in order to consolidate the road for the descendants of the Zhu family, the crown prince Zhu Biao was weak and could not control these ministers.Two men got away from him.One was Tang He, a childhood friend who recommended Zhu to Guo Zixing.When he saw that Zhu yuanzhang had killed so many people, he voluntarily handed over his military command and escaped.There was also Liu Bowen, a wise man who knew that keeping you company was like keeping a tiger. After his wife died, he took the opportunity to return to his hometown.After killing all his heroes, Zhu Yuanzhang thought that the foundation of the Ming Empire was as solid as Mount Tai. After Zhu Biao died, when he handed over the throne to his grandson, Emperor Jianwen zhu Yunwen, he proudly told him, “There are bad ministers in the court, and the vassals are leading their own troops to fight against the traitors, just be a Taiping emperor.”Later, Zhu Yun-wen asked his grandfather, “There is a traitor in the court, and the king has come to remove him.And what if the king rebelled?”At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang could not answer, perhaps zhu Yuanzhang thought this kind of thing would not happen.He did not know “difficult for the king, for the minister is not easy” truth, killing all the heroes can rest easy, the world peace?The influence of the vassals had always been the heart of Emperor Jianwen, after all, the seven vassals were all his uncles.Then in succession before long, he was vigorous and vigorous spread out cut vassal action.At this time, he felt very sad. Just after his grandfather passed away, he arranged for his grandfather to guard the six uncles on the frontier of The Ming Dynasty. Even though he had a heart of stone, his heart would feel guilty.But there was no way. This was the order of the emperor, and this was the inevitable contradiction between the sovereign power and the minister power.Finally, Yan King Zhu Di borrowed Zhu Yuanzhang “in the dynasty of treacherous officials, vassal king led the army anti-espionage” ancestral zhao, under the name of “Qing Junside” troops went straight to Nanjing.Finally, Zhu Di won the throne, and the whereabouts of Emperor Jianwen are unknown.