Official announcement | Some universities have announced in advance the second round of double first-class disciplines selected list

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Click on the top of the “follow”, every day for you to share the latest information and dry goods.The results of the second round of double First-class selection will be announced soon, and many universities and students are paying attention to which schools and disciplines are on the list.There are many advantages for a university to be selected as the “double First-class”. It is not only an affirmation of the strength of the university and its profession, but also can improve its popularity among examinees and enterprises. The cooperation with it is a better source of students and enterprises, forming a virtuous circle.It is particularly important for non-chinese universities. The double-first-class attribute is the key to narrow the gap with the established universities.Although the final list of selected universities has not been announced yet, there are a number of universities that have been officially announced in advance that have been selected for the first time. Let’s take a look at the specific schools.As early as September 1, 2021, Tsinghua University confirmed that it will add a new first-class discipline — Aerospace Science and Technology to its existing 34 first-class disciplines.Disciplines selected in the first round:Law, political science, marxism theory, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, mechanical engineering, instrument science and technology, materials science and engineering, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, electrical engineering, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, architecture, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and nuclear scienceTechnology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Software Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, Design, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Econometrics, Statistics and Operations Research, Modern Linguistics.On December 31, 2021, tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology officially announced that clinical Medicine was selected as a new first-class discipline in its New Year’s Day speech.The disciplines selected in the first round: Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering thermophysics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Basic Medicine, Public health and preventive medicine.The dean of the School of Literature of Shandong University mentioned in some Thoughts on the Construction of “Double First-class” that Shandong University added two double first-class disciplines, Chinese Language and literature and clinical medicine, in the second round of the selection of double first-class disciplines.Subjects selected in the first round: mathematics, chemistry.On December 31, 2021, the School of Economics of Nankai University said in its New Year message that public finance has been selected as the second first-class construction discipline.Round 1: World history, Mathematics, Chemistry, Statistics, Materials Science and Engineering.On September 3, 2021, metallurgical Engineering was selected into the second round of double First-class construction disciplines by the official announcement of the news website of Northeastern University.On the eve of the New Year’s Day of 2022, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering of Hunan University mentioned in its New Year’s speech that the electrical Engineering major of Hunan University has been selected as a supported discipline in the new round of double First-class construction plan.In addition, Hunan province has added a new university to the second round of the double First-class selection, but the exact university is still unknown, according to Hunan Education News Website.Archaeology has been selected in the second round of the “Double First-class” discipline selection, the university said in its New Year’s Message for 2022 published on its official website.In the New Year’s Day address of Central China Normal University, it was mentioned that three disciplines were selected in the second round of the selection for the construction of double first-class disciplines, adding one discipline compared with the first round. The specific disciplines are temporarily unknown.First-round subjects: Political Science, double First-class in Chinese Language and Literature means a lot not only to the school, but also to the students.Double first-class is the new label representing the high-level universities in China.Graduates from the double top universities are also the target of future competition among major enterprises.Therefore, we should give priority to first-class universities and first-class disciplines when choosing colleges and universities for postgraduate studies.The above are the universities that have been officially declared to be selected for the second round of double First-class disciplines. 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