The ugliest Zhou Zhi if attack, the new version of “lean on the Sky dragon” sequel fell to 3.8 points

2022-06-12 0 By

On January 31, I couldn’t help but spend 6 yuan to see director Wang Jing’s new film, “Heaven Relies on Heaven to Kill The Dragon: The Jiuyang Miracle”.”Heaven on the dragon fire heroic wind” came, or could not help but see up, after all, this is the true sense of the “god on the dragon” of the continuation, and the “god on the Dragon jiuyang God” can only be regarded as once again the interpretation of the “god on the dragon” of the devil.Both The Nine Heavenly Gods of Heaven and The Sacred Fire of Heaven and The Dragon Are highly praised, and the two films are the most reviled during the Spring Festival season.On Douban, the film has a 3.5 out of 10 rating, while the film has dropped from 4.0 out of 10 at the start to 3.8 out of 10, with one-star reviews and two-star reviews both around 38 percent.In the end, it’s a movie that doesn’t live up to expectations, not only doesn’t fill in the holes, it’s a ruined classic.In fact, whether it is “Heaven Relies on the Sun to Slay the Dragon” or “Heaven relies on the Sun to Slay the Dragon”, director Wang Jing has always been refried routine, but often so, and the most easy to ridicule.Wang Jing is obviously wise this time, otherwise it will be sprayed worse, and it is not possible to achieve high box office, rather than directly online network platform, through low ticket prices to attract audiences.Whether “heaven and Dragon”, or “heaven and Dragon”, the most controversial voice is the two crystal girl Yun Qianqian and Qiu Yinong, respectively, as Xiao Zhao and Zhou Zhiruo.Among them, cloud qianqian version of the small zhao mainly in the “heaven to kill the dragon record of jiuyang Shengong” in the power, and Qiu Yinong version of the Zhou Zhi if is responsible for the “heaven to kill the dragon record of the flame male wind” in full fire, terrified the audience.”Lean on the day to kill the dragon record of Jiuyang shengong” and “lean on the day to kill the dragon record of the flame of the wind” two works, qiu Yi thick version of The Week Zhi if is known as the history of the ugest Week Zhi if, the last week Zhi if just died, Zhang Wuji will not return, and Zhao Min natural and unashame away.