The world’s top 10 semiconductor IC design companies in 2021: Nvidia SuperBroadcom ranked second, and Marvel replaced Daleger on the list

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(March 26, 2022) The world’s top 10 IC designers posted revenue of $127.4 billion in 2021, up 48% year on year, according to TrendForce.This is mainly due to the strong demand for various terminal applications in 2021, which leads to the shortage of wafers. The global IC industry is in serious demand, which leads to the rise in chip prices.Qualcomm continued to remain the world’s no. 1 company, with sales of single chips for mobile phone systems and chips for the Internet of Things both growing by more than 50 percent year on year, and its 2021 revenue grew by 51 percent.Nvidia overtook Broadcom to take the second spot, with big increases in game graphics and data center revenue.Broadcom was third, with revenue growth of 18 per cent.Mediatek was fourth with 61 per cent revenue growth.AMD’s total revenue rose 68 percent year over year to take fifth place.The sixth to tenth place are: Lianyong, Marvell electronics, Ruiyu Semiconductor, Xilinsi, Qijing photoelectric.It is worth noting that in 2020, daleger Semiconductor, which ranked 10th, was acquired by Renesas, so It was replaced by Wonder in the 10th position.Earlier this year, AMD completed its acquisition of Cyrx, which will be replaced by other players.2021 Revenue/Year-over-year growth rate 1 Qualcomm (Qualcomm) US $29.333 billion /51%2 Nvidia (Vidia) US $24.885 billion /61%3Broadcom USA $21.026 billion /18%4 MediaTek China Taiwan $17.619 billion /61%5 AMD USA $16.434 billion /68%6 Novatek China Taiwan$4.836 billion /79%7 Marvell US $4.881 billion /46%8 Realtek Taiwan, China $3.767 billion /43%9 Xilinx US $3.677 billion /20%10 Marvel Optoelectronics Taiwan, ChinaLooking ahead to 2022, JIBANG believes that increasing demand for high-performance computing, netcom, high-speed transmission, servers, automotive, industrial applications and other high-specification products will bring good business opportunities for IC designers and drive the overall revenue growth.The terminal system vendors are facing the problem of the correction of long and short materials, and the rising cost of wafer foundry, the change of international situation and the aggravation of inflation, will be the test for IC designers.