Xingtai: missing brother and sister have been found, unfortunately killed, careless child custody shall not!

2022-06-12 0 By

February 9, Hebei Xingtai City, Weixian Dong He Zhao village, a tragedy occurred.The village liu eldest brother’s two children, missing after leaving home.At that time, Liu eldest brother was cooking at home, and the two siblings went out to play.When the meal was ready, Liu Eldest brother how to shout also did not see the child response, went out to look for the two children around the house, but still no trace of the two children, this liu eldest brother panicked, hurried to the neighbors, and finally the village of more than 1,000 people out, looking for the two children all night.See the situation is not good, Liu Eldest brother reported the police.Police and specialist searchers rushed to the scene, and by noon the next day, the two children were finally located.Sadly, both children have lost vital signs.The location of the child was a deep puddle.The puddle, about five meters deep, was dug by a temple in the village and has not been backfilled.Some water appeared in the pit.Curiously, searchers repeatedly passed the hole without finding any signs of a slide.The cause of the two children’s death is pending police investigation.I’m here to mourn the loss of these two children.Their father must be regretful at this time, the custody of minors, not careless, especially in the vast rural areas, villages are generally large puddles, used to store water in the dry season.With few protective measures and fewer and fewer people living in the village, it is difficult to get help when a child is in danger.Some time ago, a child unfortunately fell into the village ditch killed, such an accident, a painful lesson can be profound, I hope parents take it as a lesson.