China’s first abandoned city, once famous for its oil, is now home to just over 10,000 people

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Wen \ river lake small dance here was the first new China petroleum industry base, is earlier than heilongjiang daqing “oil city”, is also the home of oil iron man wang jinxi, but now he is known as China’s first “ghost town”, 19 years ago, in 2003, here the overall relocation, immediately become “empty city” of people’s mouth, spread the voice of the “ghost town”.Hosting of the city is located in the northwest China, gansu jiuquan county of yumen, as early as the 1930 s, there began a modern oil production and processing, after the founding of new China, yumen is with the advantaged oil reserves and oil industry base, become the first oil industrial base, the western industrial hub.It is no exaggeration to say that Yumen is thriving because of oil. In 1953, after Yumen Oilfield was listed as a key construction project of the “First Five-year Plan”, young students and workers from all over the country came here. Relying on this “golden rice bowl”, Yumen was established as a city in 1955 and the first petroleum industry base of New China was completed here in 1957.Crude oil production once accounted for 51 percent of the country’s total output.During its prosperity, Yumen was a rare single industrial city in northwest China. There was no trace of agriculture between the main city and the suburbs. The people of the city depended on oil to eat oil, so the development was carried out around the oil field.After the exhaustion of oil resources, Yumen declined rapidly with the naked eye. With the relocation of the city in 2003, more than 100,000 people in the city also abandoned the city, leaving a large number of abandoned buildings, shops and old businesses closed, the traces of decay can be seen everywhere.In fact, today’s Yumen old City is not empty, but compared with the peak of 130,000 people down to more than 10,000 people, and these more than 10,000 people are concentrated in the north of the old city, the remaining oil field is still under development, the machine running as usual.Compared with the old city, which was previously focused on petroleum development, Yumen New City is located in yumen Town, which used to be mainly agricultural. It is not hard to see that Yumen has sought diversified industrial development which was previously neglected after resource exhaustion.Earlier, there was a media visit to the old city of Yumen, there is a very vivid description of the housing price here, that is, “mood”, the lowest price per square meter only 100 yuan starting, roughly equivalent to the price of a jin of cooked beef.However, with the rise of driving tourism in recent years, yumen old City, located on the Qinggan Ring road in the northwest of China, has become the place where countless travel enthusiasts come to punch the card. It seems to have become a “Internet celebrity” ghost city trend.In short tourism videos, the old City of Jade Gate is usually like this: under a hillside, rows of red-brick buildings with Windows open and glass broken, courtyards on the first floor full of weeds and swarms of sparrows rising and falling. All the old scenes exist, but the only thing missing is popularity.The snow-covered Qilian Mountains in the distance and the chimneys of oil refineries in the opposite seem to tell the visitor about the glory of the past.