Details 11-0!Chinese women’s basketball team to break the curse, Zheng Wei relief, Miao Lijie unlimited postponement

2022-06-13 0 By

The Chinese women’s basketball team defeated France by 33 points in the preliminary round to advance to the World Cup with its third straight win.The Chinese women’s basketball team proved its strength again, especially in the third match against France, showing the balance of attack and defense.Nigeria and Mali are all ranked outside the 15th in the world, while France is ranked fifth in the world, which is still a big challenge for China.However, the recent growth of China’s women’s basketball team has been obvious, including victories over third-ranked Spain in the Olympic qualifiers and repeated victories over fourth-ranked Australia, so this victory over fifth-ranked France was completely natural.The Chinese women’s basketball team’s recent performance in the World Series has not lived up to expectations, having led Serbia by 10 points in the fourth quarter at the Previous Olympics.In the Asian Cup, China women’s basketball team was defeated by Japan, so the collapse in the last quarter was the main factor that prevented China women’s basketball team from going forward. Because of this, Xu Limin retired and Zheng Wei became the head coach with high expectations.However, in the past two games, The Chinese women’s basketball team has not changed its old habits, in the match against Nigeria, the opponents of the 13-0 run, 27 points lead was reduced to 14 points.Even against a weak team like Mali, China also failed to resist the fierce attacks of its opponents in the fourth quarter, and trailed by points in a single quarter.Since then, many media and fans have called on Zheng wei to conduct a comprehensive review, be more bold in the rotation of the squad, and get more rest time for key players.In the last match with France, China women’s basketball team finally broke the magic spell of the final quarter collapse, 11-0, so that many fans saw the toughness of the players and the change of the head coach, it is no exaggeration to say that zheng Wei showed the standard that should be in front of the strong team, zheng Wei fully proved her individual ability.Zheng wei was also criticized for her disappointing performance in the final quarter of the women’s basketball team’s two-game winning streak.Many fans believed that the two victories were entirely dependent on the Chinese team’s individual ability and had nothing to do with the coach’s individual performance.In the last match against France, Zheng Wei was more active in the arrangement and rotation of the lineup. Especially in the fourth quarter, she resolutely used huang Sijing, who had excellent performance, and did not replace her even though the opponent committed three fouls. Therefore, Zheng Wei was completely relieved that she did not repeat her mistakes in the fourth quarter.In the first two matches, Zheng wei’s coaching ability became the main topic of discussion among many fans. Many fans said that neither Zheng Wei nor Xu Limin’s individual ability is far behind the current level of Chinese women’s basketball, and the only coach suitable for women’s basketball is Miao Lijie.As a former player, Miao Lijie was the representative figure of The Chinese women’s basketball team. As a guard, Miao Also has unique opinions on the technical and tactical system of the women’s basketball team.But now with Zheng Wei in the third game fully proved himself, Miao Lijie’s ascension will be indefinitely postponed.