Food kitchen integration trend food kitchen new label!Learn high-end designer kitchen layout in three minutes

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Recently, often hear the friend beside ridicule, the kitchen does not know how to install?It is to come according to traditional kitchen mode after all, still design kitchen with dining-room integration…Normally, everybody can break up kitchen and dining-room for two different functional area, be in corresponding area division of labor severally next “work”.As a result, the division of labor often gives the impression of a “busy street market” outside and a “lonely town” inside.In recent years, as the rise of people living standard, a few pay attention to the integration kitchen that domestic ceremony feels and life feels is designed, evolve gradually into current mainstream trend.When kitchen and dining room merge into one, what kind of design collision will take place?Today xiaobian will take you to see how jinhuang decoration design several programs are done.Design plan one: parallel type layout eat hutch parallel is the most common eat hutch integration solution at present.It is the ambry work station of mensal and kitchen is parallel and arranged in parallel, apply to single-row one word kitchen commonly, advantage is dimensional structure is more orderly, coherence is stronger, integral structure is close.Design scheme 2: encircle type layout encircle type layout is a kind of most used in eating hutch decoration design at present, be called AGAIN L model or U model layout kitchen.The main idea of the design is to place the table in the center of the kitchen, and then set the function of the kitchen table reasonably. What we need to pay attention to is to grasp the sequence of cooking operation and the coherence of the moving line, to ensure that the moving line is short, so as to achieve the requirements of saving time and experiencing convenient moving line.Design plan three: the bar occlusal type layout bar occlusal type is the bar instead of dining table and chair and kitchen combination of a layout, mainly applicable to the home of a few people, and usually few guests.Stage is outspread the mesa of kitchen ambry normally, this satisfies the have dinner function of original eat desk and chair, while saving a space, also enhanced the interest of the space to the greatest extent.Design plan 4: Island layout in the middle of the kitchen and dining room to make an island, equivalent to a multi-functional kitchen furniture, which can not only be used for kitchen cutting, but also serve as a bar and table, to reduce the redundant links in the middle.The integrated layout of the island table is the most popular Internet island among young people at present. It is usually suitable for u-shaped or one-font kitchen layout.What needs to be paid attention to in this layout is the side insertion processing at the junction of the island and the dining table, as well as the strong contrast of the interior space. If this layout method is adopted, the visual effect will be richer and the function will be more diversified.Jinhuang decoration of these five layout design, so that the kitchen and dining room integration bring out the best in each other!Food kitchen integration design, not only beautiful and practical, and more healthy environmental protection, convenient and fast.Convenient to chat with family after dinner, enhance emotional communication.Jinhuang decoration, Hunan people’s first choice decoration brand!